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Firefox makes an important update, rumours from FB groups about all things Facebook Ads, pops status-quo and channeling your inner guru. All in today's 5 minute read.

Out-foxed by the Firefox?

After the two Zuckerberg hearings more Facebook users know about things like retargeting recent web page visitors, what a Facebook pixel is and what it does. And a lot of them don’t like that.

Yesterday Mozilla launched a new version of its Firefox browser for iOS that includes Tracking Protection turned on by default.

What’s Tracking Protection? A feature that blocks content loaded from domains that track users across sites, like the Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics tags

Here’s what happens when you have Tracking Protection enabled and load a website with GA and FB Pixel.

Lots of blocking!

What does that mean for your campaigns?

Your webpage visits retargeting campaign will miss out on Firefox users and your Facebook pixel won’t be able to fire anymore, which is very troublesome for keeping track of the success of your campaigns.

However, Firefox has a market share of approximately 6.6% right now when including Desktop and Mobile devices. Chrome is the leader with over 60%, then Safari comes in second with only 15%.

The important question is whether or not Chrome or Safari will ever implement such a feature, and have it on by default. It’s certainly possible from Safari but we doubt Chrome would ever do that. Google has plenty to lose if that happens.

Groups Discussions and Rumours Round-up

1. In The Facebook Ad Buyers group, Colin Carlsen posted some interesting news from a phone call with his Facebook VIP Support.

Everybody who uploads a custom audience of more than 10k people will have to verify that he obtained the data in a legal way and sign with Facebook on compliance. - Click Here To Join The Discussion

2. James Van Elswyk posted a warning in the Purple Knowledge Lab Group to delete your old ads in your ad accounts if you’re not using them anymore. This is to avoid getting your accounts banned because of Facebook checking ALL ads (not just new ones) in your accounts.

This is a common problem people run into: they get banned, appeal successfully but leave old ads and get banned again, even after cleaning up their act. So make sure to delete everything you’re not running anymore.

One great tip James provides is to create an ad account just to store your data. This account’s purpose is only to store your pixel data and your audiences - Click Here To Join The Discussion

3. Another one from Facebook Ad Buyers - when running a conversion campaign you need to make frequent changes to the ad creative to avoid your CPA rising.

This came from a private meeting with Facebook reps - Click Here To Join The Discussion

Take the advice in this round-up with a grain of salt. If there’s anything we know for sure about Facebook, it’s that it makes frequent and unannounced changes.
Consumers want to pay more!

Sort of...

According to Epsilon’s report, consumers would like to have more customized offers when it comes to e-commerce. What a lot of businesses do instead is to (re)target them with generic discount offers, which is not their main want or need.

This is an opportunity for you to stand out with your business. Make sure to know your customers.

Split them by demographics and use ads accordingly.

Also, make sure to pick up your customers at the stage they’re at in your funnel. Don’t show the same ad to a customer that spent ten seconds on your page as you would show a customer who added products to the cart but just didn’t purchase.

The a-pop-calypse!

There was a fear by many that with Chrome having its own adblocker and enabled by default, pops will see a sudden death. 4 months into 2018, pops are still not dead.

Chrome’s new feauture blocks only 17% of ads and didn’t affect the popunder volume on Propeller Ads at all.

Overall, pops are still here, and the issue is more about finding the right offers, not the volume of traffic available.

As for verticals, you still have the usual suspects like sweeps, mobile apps and PIN submits and perhaps biz opps if you have enough testing budget.

Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.
How To Become A Guru. A 4 Point Plan.

You have surely wondered how to become a "great spiritual master or teacher", and be the Deepak Chopra of affiliate marketing. We’ve put the affiliate spin on Forbes’ guide, so you don’t have to!

1. Become a Magus: Present yourself as having exclusive understanding of how marketing works.

You can underline your knowledge by wearing unique clothes or by
renting a Lambo and posting pictures of it posting pictures of your Lambo.

But when it comes to guru town in affiliate marketing, nothing is a better proof of success than real numbers.
So tell your designer to fake some screenshots of your campaigns and make sure you always refer to "making money" when talking about revenue. So take screenshots of your best performing campaigns.

2. Write a bible: Or in this case the "ultimate *insert cool word that stands for success and makes people buy* guide"

3. Start a church: Or in this case a mastermind. Find people who are seeking success. Tell them how they will achieve it but make sure to phrase it in a way that you can never measure it properly.

Especially make sure that failure is not possible. There is only "successful people" and "people on their way to becoming successful". Nobody ever fails, everyone's a winner! Encourage people to keep on working, and encourage them to encourage others "on their way to become successful".

That way seekers become believers and those believers find more seekers for you.

Sell them your bible. Make sure to update the bible frequently. And make them always buy the newest version.

Make online courses. 6 week courses sound great - not too short to think it's not much value, but also not too long that followers feel they can't dedicate to it.

It doesn’t matter how little content you put in, just stretch it over 6 weeks and nobody will notice.

4. Start a War: Talk about all the haters you have, how they don’t know shit about marketing and are just jealous of your success and that they are not open minded enough to understand your secret techniques.

Explain to everyone in your church how much better they are than people in other churches or outside of a church.

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