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Sales tax case for e-commerce, Amazon launches the International Shopping Experience. Messenger partially reopened for new apps, crypto gets more use cases, and the IRS has a big tax day blunder.

More tax if you’re doing e-commerce?!


In 1992 justices ruled a catalog seller in one state doesn’t need to collect the sales tax owed by a shipper in another state. The rule was based on "physical presence" since the seller doesn’t use state’s roads and resources in another state.

In an era of internet shopping, South Dakota and 41 other states are urging the court to overturn the outdated "physical presence" rule.

The Supreme Court took up a huge sales tax case on Tuesday, April 17 - expecting to bring online shopping to ordinary retailers rules. The justices were clearly divided and the issue might be for Congress to decide.

The missing taxes from online sales are said to cost states and municipalities between $8 billion and $13 billion a year in lost tax revenue.

So if you have an e-commerce store that sells in the US make sure to follow the developments closely.

Additional sales taxes might hurt your sales and your margins. It’s also unclear for now how would this affect dropshippers.

Amazon is being Amazon - Crushing it!

The company is expanding its international shipping feature to more than 100 countries.

The new feature makes its mobile app usable for those who live in countries other than the US, Australia, Singapore or Western Europe.

By switching to international shipping mode customers in markets where Amazon doesn’t have a local presence can see products that can be shipped to their location. The app also calculates shipping and handling costs and import fees.

This can be a big big boost to e-commerce entrepreneurs who are also an Amazon retailer!

Facebook partially reopens Messenger platform

At the end of March, FB announced it is temporarily closing Messenger for new chatbots while it figures out policies.

Yesterday it announced the platform is partially opened again, for Instant Games and Messenger Apps with Limited Page Connections.

Facebook has also mentioned they expect fully to reopen Messenger in the coming weeks.

Get your chatbots ready!

Google makes play against ad-blockers

Have you heard of Funding Choices from Google? Maybe not but we’re sure you have seen it. It’s that paywall that you get on certain websites if you browse with ad-blocker enabled.

Now, Google is expanding Funding Choices to 31 more countries after initially implementing the feature in June 2017 in North America, the UK, Germany, Australia and New Zealand to help publishers recover lost revenue from ad blocking.

31 percent of desktop users and 14 percent of mobile users have ad blockers. And the numbers are on the rise which hurts publisher significantly.

With Funding Choices publishers have the option to choose between three messaged to site visitors using an ad blocker.
  • A dismissible message that doesn't restrict access.
  • A dismissible message that counts the limited number of page views that person is allowed per month
  • A message that blocks access to content unless the visitor chooses to see the ads on the site or pays for access to content.

It doesn’t seem likely that available advertising inventory will shrink significantly because of this, for now.

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The World’s Biggest Archive of Nothing Accepts XVG

Pornhub is not the first adult site to accept cryptocurrency but it’s by far the biggest. It’s even one of the biggest sites on the web. They announced they will accept Verge (XVG), an anonymous cryptocurrency.

While we’re wondering who pays for porn in 2018 it seems that there are quite some people out there. And if you decide to pay for it, you probably prefer it to be anonymous, unless you’re Ted Cruz.

Adult entertainment moving technology forward, as always. Veteran affiliates know.

IRS tax day blunder

What’s the worst day for the IRS website to be offline? You’re right, tax day.

Last minute tax payers trying to pay through the Direct Pay system were greeted with an error message.

The IRS website also noted that "your tax payment is due although IRS Direct Pay may not be available" forcing people to use debit or credit cards and associated fees.

In the end the IRS stated that taxpayers will have one additional day to pay their taxes.

As you can imagine, Twitter went wild.

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