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Shopify Ping will boost your support and marketing. People are not leaving Facebook, even after all these events - users themselves said so. Google brings an update to in-app ads - you can now show more content. Also, Google really is Skynet, just check the Poolside Chat story.

Oh, and did you know today's Europe Day? No? OK, now you know.

Using Shopify? This will boost your customer support and marketing game!

Shopify has its Unite conference happening these days, and we will bring you a summary once the event is wrapped up. But this is something too good not to talk about right now!

The company is offering a free customer communication and targeting tool. It’s called Shopify Ping.

What does this do?

It brings together customer conversations from all major messaging platforms, Facebook Messenger included.

It also includes the tool called Kit, which helps deliver FB and Instagram ads, email campaigns and retargeting campaigns based on info from all those messages.

Merging chat and marketing is quite the move, that should help store owners market something that speaks to customers.

NEWSFLASH - People still use Facebook!

Reuters/Ipsos ran poll with over 2,000 social media users that asked "Have you changed how frequently you use Facebook recently?"

26 percent "use it more"
49 percent "haven’t changed how much they use it".

74 percent use Facebook at least once a day.

Only 23 percent reported using Facebook less recently. That breaks down as:

18 percent - "I use it less"
4 percent - " I stopped using it, but I still have an account"
1 percent - "I’ve deleted my account"

An additional 2 percent said they didn’t have a Facebook account.

While 74 percent of Facebook users "are aware of their current privacy setting" only 23 percent think they have "total control over who gets to see the information they store on Facebook".

This survey shows that people are trying to exercise some control over data privacy but resigned to the fact that they cannot entirely.

It’s likely an implicit recognition that people are trading their data for free access to Facebook.

Facebook doesn’t seem in danger of losing users, even after all the bad press. Run FB Ads, run!

Get people hooked on your carousel ads

Jeff Minnichbach posted a valuable tip about carousel ads in Tim Burd’s Facebook Ad Buyers group.

He used designs across all slides to create a more visually appealing look for the ads as opposed to individually sliced up slides.

He used text that goes across multiple slides which forces potential customers to scroll to read it all.

This takes them closer to the CTA on the last slide.

Go check the group to see his examples.

Facebook throwing more jabs at Snapchat

Hidden inside the code of Facebook’s Android app (seems all new IG or FB features are found like this these days) is an unreleased feature called Facebook Avatars.

This lets people build personalized, illustrated versions of themselves for use as stickers in Messenger and comments.

It will let users customize their avatar to depict their skin color, hair style and facial features.

Facebook Avatars is essentially Facebook’s version of Snapchat’s acquisition, Bitmoji, which has spent years in the top-10 apps chart.

Facebook confirmed it’s building Avatars: "We’re looking into more ways to help people express themselves on Facebook."

However, the feature is still early in development and Facebook isn’t sure when it will start publicly testing.

Mark Zuckerberg has repeatedly said that visual communication is replacing text, but so far that forced users to either use generic emoji or deal with the chore and self-consciousness of shooting a quick photo or video.

With copying another Snapchat feature... ahhh implementing another feature of Facebook’s test laboratory, comment reels and Messenger threads could get a lot more personal and fun when the company eventually launches its own avatars.

In-app ads get an update

In a new beta, advertisers will be able to show more content within their app promotion ads in Google Play.

As one example, a shopping or e-commerce app can connect their product catalog feeds to AdWords to show a carousel of product images and descriptions in their ads.

Carousel sounds familiar. Feels like we heard something about it just a minute ago… Oh well.

Google says this test will be available in the coming months.

Other new features:

Google Play Instant: You can try out a game app from an ad before downloading it.

View-through conversion (VTC) reporting: VTC reporting reflects when a user has been shown a viewable impression and also converted.

Rewarded ads report: Shows estimated earnings, engaged users and daily activity metrics from rewarded ads.

Another GDPR Tool

We found another useful tool for those affected by the GDPR, simply called GDPR Tracker.

It’s a tool that should guide you step by step on how to document all data flows to be GDPR compliant, instructions on what security measures to put in place, policy template, etc.

Essentially, an all in one tool for so you don’t get hammered with a hefty fine.

Of course, like all tools, they don’t guarantee compliance, and are not responsible for any fines. We aren’t either!
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Google = Skynet, confirmed!
Google AI is capable of having real life conversations with strangers.

You will be able to use Google Assistant to make bookings via phone calls.

You ask it to make the booking,
then the tool will make the call in the background, without you seeing or hearing anything.

Check this video to see 2 really creepy examples.

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