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Facebook's war against fake profiles (and naughty affiliates) is never ending. Learn to avoid the top 13 mistakes for direct response ads. We also have an interesting case study for Instagram Stories Ads, a collection of WTF ads, and Google Chrome rolls back some autoplay changes.

How’s Facebook’s war against fake profiles going?

The blue giant said it took down 583 million fake profiles in the first three months of the year, usually within minutes of their creation.

They published internal guidelines that explain what stays up and what comes down.

"This push for transparency might lead to increased accountability and responsibility over time, and publishing this information will push us to improve more quickly".

Despite taking down 583 million fake accounts Facebook estimates that around 3 to 4% of active users are still fake. With 2.2 billion monthly active users this means there are still close to 100 million fake accounts out there.

These stats show something interesting. Compared to Q4 2017 Facebook took down 16% less accounts that first got created and then disabled.

Facebook is indicating that the reason for that is that they made it harder to create fake accounts in the first place.

In Q4 2017 only 0.9 percent of fake accounts got taken down because users reported them first. In Q1 2018 this number increased to 1.5 percent.

There can be two reasons for that. Either farmers are doing a better job in tricking the FB algorithm or Facebook users are significantly more likely to report fake accounts actively.

It’s hard to point in either direction but from what we’ve heard, it’s more FB doing a good job and affiliates having a tougher time with their accounts.

To sum it up: The news is not that much of a news. The cat and mouse game continues.

Are you using Instagram Stories Video Ads?

Dee Deng posted a video in the Purple Knowledge Lab Group talking about his experience with this relatively new ad format, Instagram Stories Video Ads - not to be confused with regular Instagram Stories.

Dee shows some examples of his on ads and talks about how you can capture attention, and get creative to make people swipe up.

You can also see his results in more detail.

When it comes to ROAS (return on ad spend) his Instagram Video Ads are outperforming his FB campaigns by 15 percent and his Instagram Stories campaigns by 10 percent.

What does he use to create the content? Legend and Quik.

If you’re thinking about Instagram ads at all, this is a great video and discussion for you!

Stop Committing 13 "Deadly" Advertising Mistakes!

If you asked all affiliates what's the no.1 book an affiliate should read, we are sure many would bring up Cashvertising by Drew Eric Whitman, aka Dr. Direct.

Well, last year, Affiliate World Europe brought Dr Direct to all of us in the affiliate marketing industry for an epic ROI boosting talk titled How To Fix 13 Hidden Ad-Response Killers Strangling Your Sales.

Here are our top 3 picks from the 13.

#1 Company isn’t reputable

Affiliates tend to neglect branding in their funnels, and forget website visitors want to buy from other real people.

Here’s what people are thinking: "I can’t (but I want to!) trust the company!"

What’s Drew’s solution?

Add details suggesting longevity, popularity and satisfaction.

Add history and personality: company history, mission statement, photos of employees working, photos of company leaders.

How many affiliate websites and funnels have you see have this? Not many, right? Could it be that the successful ones have these elements more often?

#2 Don’t just make it urgent - Tell them exactly what to do!

Affiliates have mastered the fake countdown timer. Making something seem scarce and urgent is so normal, it has become an industry insider joke.

Still, that’s not enough. Once you to create scarcity and urgency, you have to give clear and direct instructions for the user.

Use directive language like "join the club", "click the button", "enter your email", "type your name", "pick your size", "choose your discount", "pick the flavour", etc.

Never assume they’ll do it - tell them to do it.

#3 Don’t ignore your competition

Affiliates are scared others will rip off their funnels and they are also super scared of sending people to competition.

Well, most companies are not afraid of comparing themselves in a positive light to their biggest competitors. See Audi vs BMW or Coke vs Pepsi.

Drew says: Your copy has to teach your customers how to be dissatisfied with your competition.

Is your product stronger, easier, faster, cleaner, safer, more intuitive, more efficient, more reliable, healthier, etc? Then JUST SAY IT! Because 99% of customers really don’t know.

Never assume your customers know anything. Selling is about telling the whole story.

A great tool to use is a simple comparison chart because it takes advantage of human inertia and tendency for heuristic buying.

If you don’t just rip off ads, if you build funnels, or if you are curious about buyer psychology, the full talk is a must watch.

Need some inspiration for your ads?

Well, Tim Burd might have started a monster in his Facebook Ad Buyers group.

He asked members to post their worst or funniest ads… And, my gosh, they did!

We’ll just let you browse through what is, possibly, the 9GAG of advertising.

Chrome rolls back SOME autoplay changes

Since Chrome 66, which was released last month, the browser started automatically muting sound on videos.

This can be quite annoying for people using VSLs - there’s a reason they all autoplay.

There are some changes to this though - in the latest update, the changes have been partially rolled back because it also muted many web games and art projects.

This change applies only to the Web Audio API, not for the "audio" and "video" HTML tags so it’s not great news. However…

Make your VSL "an art project" and maybe you have an edge ;)

Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.
Will the real doctor please stand up?

Affiliates are not strangers to using trademarked logos and names in their funnels, without approval. It is however, less likely for doctors.

Meet Andre Young. You might know him as Dr. Dre, the Grammy award winning rapper.

We’d also like you to meet Draion Burch, aka Dr. Drai - OBGYN and media personality.

Well, Dr. Dre objected to Dr. Drai’s trademark application for the name Dr. Drai. They are pronounced the same if you didn’t get it already.

The US Patent and Trademark Office dismissed the claim because they believe it is unlikely consumers will confuse the two and ask Dr. Dre for an internal examination.

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