New native ads inventory from big Q&A site, Quora. Learn how to give feedback the right way from McKinsey. Mark Zuckerberg was in front of the EU Parliament answering questions on privacy.
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The headlines overnight are all about Zuckerberg's meeting with the EU Parliament. There's new native ads inventory from popular Q&A site Quora - untapped, ready for affiliates maybe? Some advice on how to give feedback the right way and yet another hack in crypto...

How would you like your Zuck grilled? Rare, medium or... flames blazing?

Yesterday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg answered questions from the European Parliament in Brussels about the platform’s massive data leak affecting millions of users.

“We didn’t take a broad enough view of our responsibility and that was a mistake. And I am sorry for it. Keeping people safe will always be more important than maximizing our profits.” Zuckerberg said in his opening statement.

He pointed out that Facebook will be doubling the number of people working on safety and security to more than 20 thousand by the end of this year and that it will make significant operational investments to protect the integrity of elections.

When it comes to operational questions Zuckerberg used the same strategy as he did one month ago when he sat in Congress - giving vague answers followed by “my team will follow up on that”.

This time it was even easier for Zuckerberg to dodge uncomfortable questions with a format giving questions upfront and then Zuckerberg cherry-picking a few comfy themes.

So the Zuck grilling ended up “rare”, even though some wanted it “flames blazing”...

“I asked you six yes-or-no questions and got not a single answer, and of course, well, you asked for this format for a reason,” stated one member of Parliament. “I’ll make sure we follow up and get you answers to those,” Zuckerberg coldly responded.

Quora brings you some native ads inventory!

If you haven’t heard what Quora is, chances are they showed up as the first result on Google for many of your questions, you just missed the source.

If you’re old enough, you can think of it as Yahoo! Answers but better.

If you still don’t get it, it’s a Q&A platform - you go there with a question about anything and the community answers.

Then the answers are ranked so you have a very big chance of finding a great answer for your question, whether that is about marketing, about a place to visit or about how to train your dog.

They monetize like many platforms and that is by serving ads. And they do it through their own self-service product, aka you go direct with the site.

Yesterday they announced the addition of image ads. Before they only had text ads.

This is a very interesting inventory for native, and should be high quality. You can target by topic, platform or location, so you can target people who have questions about weight loss in USA ;)

Quora is likely untapped by affiliates so far and can bring you that first mover’s advantage.

They have about 200 million monthly unique visitors, so while they are no Facebook, it’s a more than respectable number.

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Level up your communication with The McKinsey Feedback Model

It doesn’t matter if you run your own team, only work with freelancers, or if you do all the work by yourself.

Even if your only business communication is with affiliate networks and traffic sources, a structured way of communicating and giving feedback will be beneficial for your bank account.

The intent of the McKinsey feedback model is to make feedback and communication in general:

  • specific
  • fact-based
  • less personal
  • irrefutable
  • actionable

A recommended format for structured feedback:

Step 1: "When you did [X], it made me feel [Y]."
Step 2 (Most important): PAUSE. Let the other party reflect, digest, react if needed.
Step 3: "In the future, I would recommend that you do [Z]"

The point of providing feedback is so that people can improve. If someone receives feedback that is too vague or beyond their control, it does nothing to help them do better the next time.

An example of bad feedback would be if you tell your designer to “make this page look better”. It’s not specific, it’s not fact based, and it’s barely actionable.

An example of how this looks in practice:

“When you were late to our meeting this morning, it made me feel that you don't value my time.

PAUSE. Let the other party reflect, digest and react if needed. Acknowledge that you have listened and see their point.

“In the future, I would recommend you plan on arriving early to meetings and call my mobile phone if a delay can't be avoided"

Feedback should always be provided in such a way that if the feedback recipient does what is recommended, it will solve the problem and prevent it from occurring again.

Still time to make your campaigns Thrive

It was a couple of weeks ago that we brought up ThriveTracker and their nifty solution for tracking campaigns without using redirection links - The Landing Page Pixel.

Additionally, they've been hard at work over the last six months to make sure users can #thriveon and still be GDPR compliant!

You’re probably thinking that’s all fine and dandy, other trackers are doing that too. You’re right, so....

ThriveTracker is now offering a cloud-hosted plan for just $79/mo, allowing users to track up to 1 million clicks!

Oh, and they offer a 30-day, no-cost trial period to test it out.

That’s for anyone - but you are a WHAT THE AFF reader so we told them you deserve more…

Til the end of the month, if you tell them you came from WHAT THE AFF you’ll pay even less on your first 3 months. A clear case of less is more.

Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.
Fool me once...

Heard of Verge (XVG)? It’s a cryptocurrency that made headlines over the past couple of months.

Both for good and the wrong reasons.

The good: It is accepted by PornHub.

The bad: Hacked.

This time it has the bad again, and it has been hacked. The attackers stole 35 million XVG -  about $1.7mil based on the exchange rate at the time.

The worrying aspect is that it’s the same glitch that made the previous attack successful - this means the dev team did not fix it even one month after.

At this point, it almost sounds like it’s safer to have your money in a fireplace than in XVG.

Or maybe...


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