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We have a lot of tech for the non-technical to make their affiliate lives better and more profitable! Snapchat follows the age old entrepreneurial advice to not be phased by failures but to always try again, and again… and AGAIN. Oh, and the Internet’s favourite marketer, Lie Topez has something new to show everyone.

Why work so hard, when you can work smart?

It’s Friday, you’ve been at it the whole week. You want to spend some time in the sun, but you might have your campaigns in the back of your mind. It can be tough to disconnect, even if for a few days - traffic runs 24/7, right?

Automation is the solution!
We’ve gathered a few resources to help you deal with that worry.

Both Voluum and Funnel Flux can do automatic offer optimization, and split your traffic towards multiple offers then adjust the proportion of traffic sent to each offer based on the EPV of the offer.

This means that as one offer starts looking like a dud, it gets less and less traffic, until it reaches 0. Money saved is money made. No more sending shitload of traffic to a clear loser because you are AFK.

Voluum explains their tool here, while for FunnelFlux, you can check this tutorial by vitavee, the founder of the tracker. It’s an STM Forum thread but we’re sure you can message FunnelFlux support to explain how you can do this.

AdsBridge offers something called Automatic Path Optimization - unlike what we mentioned before, this doesn’t change the proportion of traffic but it makes a decision to cut a lander or offer when a condition is met

ThriveTracker - They know automation is a bigger and bigger part in affiliate marketing, so they've partnered with the folks at and showcased some automatic optimization the combo can do.

By the way, works with all popular trackers. It’s a solid optimization tool if you are doing native or mobile, well worth a try to save time and increase profit.

Think this is still kinda complicated or don’t see how YOU can do it? Check out this panel from Affiliate World Asia 2017

Besmir Bregasi, Kyle Hitchcox, Ziga Naglic share how they use automation in their business, and how you can too.

What The Aff… is Google Data Studio and why should I care?

Sebastian Weinhold explains it to you in this video in the Purple Knowledge Lab group. Second time this week he brings the heat in that group!

So why should you care? In Sebastian's words...

"What you will learn:
1) Create a data dashboard for all your accounts
2) Analyze how and why things in your account change
3) Find secret relationships and love triangles between metrics"

Creating and connecting an account is straightforward, you can test it in a 14-day trial and after that it’s $19/month.

If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again.
Snapchat rolled out a redesign last year that separates the content created by friends from the content created by brands, celebrities and publishers. So we’ve heard... we’re too old to use Snapchat.

Now Snapchat is rolling out a redesign to the redesign for a group of users.

It’s taking generated Stories and putting them on the Discover page, similar to how they did before the redesign was rolled out.

It’s not clear if the reason for that is that people were watching or creating fewer Stories, if putting Stories inside Discover is a push to get more people watching publisher content or if Snapchat just wants people to know that it’s listening to the community. Probably a bit of each...

Speaking of redesign…

Snap launches Google Glass V3

… no, wait.. Just Spectacles V2!

The first version of Spectacles was a $40 million write off, after making hundreds of thousands too many and only selling 220,000 pairs.

There is nothing revolutionary about Spectacles V2, but they improved on a lot of pain points of V1:
  • You can take photos
  • They come in less flashy colors
  • They are smaller
  • They look more like regular glasses
  • You can pair them quicker
  • You can use them underwater

They are openly for sale already in the US, Canada, UK and Australia with most european countries coming next week…

We have not seen anyone use Spectacles yet and we’re not holding our breath for the new version either.

When you have $40 million write-off positions... need to find a way to make some money.

Snapchat is doing that by testing 6-second unskippable video ads during Shows. The name is just as revolutionary as the concept - Commercials! We’re not kidding…

Shows? It rolled out last year featuring premium content produced by networks and entertainment studios.

Snapchat isn’t paying money up front and only offers a 50-50 revenue split to networks and entertainment studios for producing the content.

This will be a big change for Snapchat users since 50 percent of users 18 to 24 always skip Snapchat ads and only 9 percent of all Snapchat users never skip ads on the platform.

Let’s see if ‘Commercials" will be implemented for all users or if there will be a re-test of the test...

TL;DR - Snapchat is bringing the 50s back - funky sunglasses and commercials.

Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.
Lie Topez is back at it!

Newest Lambo, some Rarris, and this time with extra garages!

The person behind the Lie Topez character is Ian Stanley - part comedian, part entrepreneur, part copywriter for hire.

Although Lie is his most popular character, he does several other hilarious impressions - Very G, Tiny Robbins, Cant Cardone.

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