Results are in on top vendors used by e-commerce entrepreneurs, courtesy of iStack Training. Reddit is more used than FB in the US now.. say what? And how to start when you are short on money.
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Ever thought the day would come when a website known for its trolls becomes more used than Facebook? Doesn't matter - Reddit overtook Facebook in traffic in the US. 3 campaign tips for those less experienced and a way to get started when short on cash. Not the least - Internet Trends of 2018 report by Mary Meeker is here.

What apps do e-commerce professionals use?

iStack Training is going deep into e-commerce this year it seems.

In their Facebook group, called E-Commerce All Star Secrets, they released the first results from their super big survey from all e-comm communities.

What they asked first was - What are the top apps you use?

The results:

  • Oberlo beats Dropified for dropshippers
  • Printful was voted the best print-on-demand partner
  • SimilarWeb is considered the best competitive analysis tool
  • Klaviyo was selected as the best email partner

Check out the full part 1 in the group!

Reddit slaps Facebook - becomes 3rd most visited website in the US

Based on Alexa rankings, Reddit is now the 3rd most visited website in the US, after Google and YouTube.

Aside from traffic ranking, there are more interesting numbers about this.

“On average, Reddit users spend 15 minutes and 10 seconds on it everyday, a figure substantially higher than its competitors.

Google users spend 7 minutes 16 seconds, YouTube 8 minutes 31 seconds, Facebook 10 minutes 50 seconds and Amazon 7 minutes 37 seconds on the sites each day.”

So you could say that Reddit users are more engaged - and it’s not surprising based on the nature of the platform.

We’ve brought up the topic of Reddit as a traffic source before, so if this new stat piqued your curiosity, check out our past newsletter right here.
3 Intermediate Tips For Your Campaigns

OK, many of you are already aware of them, we’re sure - but we hope at least some of our readers learn something new when it comes to running paid traffic.

If possible segment your audience when it comes to retargeting.

Don’t treat everybody who visited your website the same. Try to show every segment of website visitors customized retargeting ads.

Show people ads for products they added to cart but didn’t purchase.

Track how much time people spend on which site and where they left the page. Try to address their possible concerns in the retargeting ads.

Depending on what products you sell it can also make sense to exclude existing customers from certain campaigns and show them other upsell products.

This is especially important for one-time purchases like annual subscriptions.

Give the algorithm something to work with.

If you are struggling to get enough events for an action at the bottom of the funnel for the platform to optimize for go to events in the middle or even the top of the funnel.

This can be to optimize for ATC instead of purchases or even scroll rate or time on the site instead of ATC.

Seeing the bigger picture

If you run campaigns on various platforms keep in mind that these campaigns might affect each other.

For example, you’re running an Instagram campaign with bad results but you’re running on Google as well.

Perhaps the user didn’t click on the Instagram link but the exposure awakened some interest and this leads to the same user clicking on your ad on Google a few days later.

It’s very hard to track those cross-channel effects of your campaigns. But just don’t kill a campaign with a slightly negative ROI on one channel treating it as a separate thing.

Be aware that this might decrease the ROI in campaigns on other channels.

What to do when you don’t have money to buy traffic?

It’s not always easy to get started. These days, most people only talk about paid traffic as a way to succeeding.

Of course, free traffic methods still work but they are extremely time consuming - you won’t know quickly if you are doing it right. Definitely not as quickly as when buying traffic.

So then, you always have to think of ways to save up some money to then use for your affiliate marketing career jumpstart.

What you shouldn’t do is max out your credit cards in hopes business works and if it doesn’t you are super in debt.

You can freelance, work another job on the side, or get hired by someone in the industry to learn while you get paid.

All are valid options. Or…

You can get creative like Mike Allebach and start a GoFundMe.

You explain what your business will be, what perks your contributors get and hope to get help from the community!

In Mike’s case, he’s looking for people to fund his Lambo for his book funnel. A worthy cause - you can never have too many Lambo book funnels out there!

Tai Lopez approved, fo’ sho’!

Internet Trends 2018

Venture capitalist Mary Meeker has released the 2018 version of her famous Internet Trends report.

We just picked some stats that we think are most relevant to marketers.

Internet adoption: As of 2018, half the world population, or about 3.6 billion people, will be on the internet.

Mobile ads: People are shifting their time to mobile faster than ad dollars are following, creating a $7 billion mobile ad opportunity.

Amazon: More people start product searches on Amazon than search engines now, but Jeff Bezos still relies on other surfaces like Facebook and YouTube to inspire people to want things.

Subscription services: They’re seeing massive adoption, with Netflix up 25%, The New York Times up 43%, and Spotify up 48% year-over-year in 2017.

China: Alibaba is expanding beyond China with strong gross merchandise volume, though Amazon still rules in revenue.

If you are interested in more stats or even want to go through the 294 page report you can check it out here.

Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.
What do you call a map app for the great outdoors?

Hiker Maps? Adventure Maps? Nature Maps?

Nope, you call it Fatmap… because reasons, we guess?!

“Fatmap launched originally back in 2015 after being developed in conjunction with some of the world’s top skiers, offering detailed, ultra-high resolution maps for 120 ski resorts around the world.

Fast forward three years, and Fatmap is broadening its horizons to target the entire outdoors thrill-seeker market, and has worked in collaboration with several satellite and aerospace companies to build out its platform to include all summits, footpaths, huts, passes, rivers, and more.

OK, so if you are spending a lot of time in nature and don’t want to get lost - Fatmap could be helpful.

And you can also share trails and routes with your other explorer friends.

As for us, we’ll stick to writing newsletters and using Google Maps to find the nearest McDonald’s to refuel - we’ll leave the nature exploration to you.


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