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We do the promised full recap of F8. Day 2 didn't bring much new for affiliates. Cambridge Analytica is saying its goodbyes. Some tips on how to compete in e-commerce with Amazon, how to recognize a good affiliate network. And the biggest ICO in history might have been cancelled.

Facebook F8 Full Recap

Day 2 was basically only features for developers. You can read more about it directly from Facebook’s Newsroom.

The most interesting one is probably the image recognition breakthrough - Facebook’s research engineering teams successfully trained an image recognition system on a data set of 3.5 billion publicly available photos, using the hashtags on those photos in place of human annotations.

The obvious conclusion for this is that FB is getting better at detecting posts and ads that go against their policy.

Let’s take a step back and look at 3 features that might have a bigger effect on Facebook Ads, even if not right away.

Clear History

This feature shows Facebook will definitely not shy away from giving advertisers less features and instead give users more control.

If users can easily clear their history and cookies, you won’t be able to retarget them. And FB will have less information about them for all campaigns - that is if FB actually deletes this data on their side too.

If the trend continues, Facebook’s capabilities might become worse, especially when it comes to performance marketing.

Re-opening App reviews

This one is a positive. Chatbots and Messenger lists can definitely be something advertisers use effectively.

Instead of always paying to reach the same audience, once they subscribe you reach them for free. That’s just very valuable, can go together with enhanced privacy features by being very clearly opt-in.

Facebook still has control of the channel so you might end up having to pay to reach that list at some point.


This one looks rather innocent but if you think about it, people are used to paying a fee for a dating service.

Facebook is in a position where they could keep most, if not all, of their existing core features free, then build subscription services on top, like dating. For now, it’s free.

Aside from dating, VR is a big part of their plans, so creating a VR marketplace, similar to Google Play, AppStore or Steam is not unreasonable.

In other words, instead of a paid version of Facebook, there might be more subscription services around the platform. Services that provide great quality because of all the data Facebook has on its users.

This means ads will become less important and advertising capabilities will take a back seat. Usually performance advertisers get hit first here, while branding will care less.

Goodbye, Cambridge Analytica!
The company is ceasing all operations and is commencing insolvency procedures.

Their press release also includes the conclusion of an independent investigation into the company’s political activities.

Julian Malins was retained to conduct an independent investigation into the allegations regarding the Company’s political activities.  Mr. Malins report, which the Company posted on its website today, concluded that the allegations were not "borne out by the facts."

In essence, CA says this is the result of bad and unfair press.

Can E-Commerce Work When Amazon Is So Dominant?

There are opportunities, even with Amazon’s current position. We are not the only ones with this opinion.

Amazon wins when people already know what they want to buy. But half the shopping experience happens when they don’t know exactly what they want.

In those times, they’re shopping for entertainment, discovery, self-expression, artisanal, and custom goods.

One way to stand out with your ecommerce store is to design your own products, add third-party products in a mix and upsell them to increase the average order value.

In terms of user experience you can stand out by building a community around your brand. You can implement a forum, or a Facebook Group and encourage people to interact. You can also add a customer to customer marketplace!

Ideally you can use this community to outsource some of your work. Top customers sometimes know more about products than the manufacturers and marketers themselves. They can provide direct feedback on your products, and some of the best ads too!

Crowdfunding. When you are able to get your customers to pre-fund or pre-order your incoming products you not only save on capital costs, you can also aggregate demand ahead of launching. A great way to do that is to get people engaged in the designing process of your new products.

In short, become the friendly "Mom and Pop store" of ecommerce. Use that position and the deeper connection you create with your customers.

Are You A "Phisherman"?

Domain owners can now get free notifications if their websites are being impersonated.

The tool detects all standard ways bad actors try to fake domains, like using homographs (the number "0" instead of the letter "o" for example), misspelling, long domains that take advantage of small screens, and combining other keywords with the domain.

If your domains weren’t going down often before, this might change as more people use this tool.

How Can You Recognize A Good Affiliate Network?

There is no shortage of affiliate networks out there. Try going into a FB group or signing up to a forum and you will be approached by a handful of networks at least.

The question then is, how can a network stand out to affiliates?

1. Quick payouts

2. Competent affiliate managers

This is broad but here are the key points.

They know the verticals of each affiliate - they don’t recommend stuff the affiliate hasn’t shown any interest in.

Regular feedback on traffic quality, on their own initiative.

Upfront with the approval process - They don’t let affiliates spend days on preparing a campaign and then keep them 1 week waiting for creatives approval.

They understands basics of tracking

3. They don’t lie about exclusivity of offers
4. They don’t play the payout game - focus is on EPCs instead.

Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.
No ICO for Telegram

What was supposed to be the biggest ever ICO seems to have been cancelled.

The main reason is supposedly the increasingly tight regulations from the SEC and CFTC.

It could also be that the money raised in private was enough to cut the ICO short. Telegram had raised $1.7bil already.

The SEC and CFTC don’t seem to have impacted the other cryptos… yet. Prices have been holding surprisingly steady, with Bitcoin hovering just above $9,000.

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