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UK celebrity Martin Lewis isn't done sharing his opinion on Facebook. We run you through the changes known so far that Facebook will implement and what to do about it. How to crush any industry in the world by using the skills you acquired as an affiliate and something about superheroes.

UK Celebrity Makes Up Creepy Name For Facebook Ads

We’ve talked about Martin Lewis, well known consumer advice personality in the UK, who is suing Facebook for defamation over its failure to stop fake ads associated with scams in our newsletter from the 24th of April.

Now the story continues and Lewis (and also TechCrunch) are referring to "dark ads", ads that are targeted only at set individuals and are not shown in a timeline, as something evil.

We call "dark ads" just "ads"... Crazy, we know.

Facebook is defending itself by saying it removed "thousands of (Lewis) ads proactively".

Plus, Facebook will roll out ad transparency measures in June that makes it possible "to be able to see every running ad on the platform".

You likely heard of it already. The new feature will be called "view ads" and will let users see the ads a Facebook Page is running, even if the ads are not in an individual’s News Feed.

As long as there is no feature that allows people like Martin Lewis to run searches against his name or face to try to identify new "dark fake Facebook ads", scandals like this are likely to sprout every now and then.

To us it looks like Facebook is doing just enough to calm down the public and doesn’t plan on going to war with advertisers. This is where the money comes from after all. Tricky balancing act Facebook has to do!

How To Deal With All The FB Ads Changes

It should be clear that there is no point in overreacting when you read all the negative news about Facebook all over the internet, like the TechCrunch article above.

That said, you should know what changes and find ways to adapt. First off, let’s start with what changes.

1. Less data on custom audiences

No more audience size and people have already reported no more detailed breakdown in the Audience Insights tool.

2. No more 3rd party data

This means you cannot build campaigns around behaviour as easily as before. You have to rely on Facebook tools only.

3. Say "Goodbye" to APIs

No more Groups and Pages APIs, unless it "benefits the group" as well as provides "useful services to FB’s community".

Facebook is still by a huge traffic source and this won’t change any time soon. Even if its targeting options get more and more limited in the future you will still be able to target your audience very specifically.

Here are 2 ideas for using FB’s remaining tools:

1. Run AdWords campaigns

Create custom audiences, aka pixel visitors and buyers, then create lookalikes from them

It’s not a new tactic but with less targeting options, you have to rely more on FB’s algorithm, which means you have to feed it higher quality data. AdWords is a great option there.

2. Run campaigns with influencers.

They usually have a very well defined audience, which you can pixel and then use for lookalikes. Same principle as above.

In other words, figure out that first step for a high quality seed audience, then let FB do the rest of the work.

This also helps you not put all your eggs in one basket. You shouldn’t depend on one single ad channel or worse a single feature on a single ad network.

Mozilla Brings Ads To Firefox "New Tab" Page

With the ever increasing propagation of ad-blockers, all companies try to figure out the sweet spot for advertising, including Mozilla.

They tested sponsored content on the "New Tab Page" to a small portion of users in the US and now are ready to introduce it with Firefox 60.

Their goal is to create a healthy but also economically viable web, which means ads users don’t hate, and won’t block. Something to keep an eye out for, especially if Chrome gets in on this model.

Get Them Affiliate Ads On TV!

More and more people watch YouTube on TVs and they watch less regular television programs.

Google has noticed this trend and it’s bringing ads targeted specifically at TV screens. You will be able to use this feature through AdWords, and will be able to use different creatives, tailored for the environment.

Who’s going to be first guru to show their sports car on this new format? Probably this guy.

How Affiliate Marketing Skills Let You Hack Any Industry In The World

Successful affiliates have a wide range of skills any industry could use. They are masters at balancing cost and quality of new users.

This skill is something that can bring you an edge in any business, and this is what the late Hugh Hancock, aka caurmen, talked about at Affiliate World Europe 2017.

The steps he outlines to take your affiliate skills into any new industry are:

1. Research, aka spy

a) Who are the top dogs in the industry?
b) How do they spend their time?
c) What is their skillset?

2. Find the blue ocean, be the biggest fish in a small pond to begin with.

3. Define your customer

For example, if you are looking to become a filmmaker, you are not selling to movie goers. You are selling to the 400 odd people who have the power and money to make decisions on a film. Affiliates are experts at targeting.

4. Launch and fail until you succeed.
Most campaigns fail and this won’t be different in a new industry but affiliates know how to grind and adjust as needed.

5. Scale

Successful affiliates are not afraid to scale. This is what makes you big enough to now fight with the bigger fish.

Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.
What’s a rich industry ripe for disruption?

Superhero movies! Maybe...

Avengers: Infinity War is smashing records so if you got bored of campaigns maybe you can try your luck at creating a superhero cinematic universe.

$257 million at US box office and another $380 million internationally.

These are the top dogs in the industry right now. You just have to figure out the rest. Maybe affiliate superheroes? *wink wink*

Seriously though, we’re impressed with the success the Marvel Cinematic Universe has had.

You’d think it’s very easy once you have all the characters, but we have the example of the DC Universe doing much worse in comparison, even though they arguably have better characters.

What would your affiliate superhero name be?

Drop us your suggestions in this form or by replying to this email. We’ll share the best entries with you later in the week!

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