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Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg is on the road again. This time he will meet with EU Parliament leaders. FB also steps up its Stories game. We bring you some Ads power tips from FB groups, we also explore the question "Just how big can you make it with affiliate marketing?" - spoiler alert!  It's REALLY big!

Zuckerberg to be roasted by EU Parliament leaders.

After snubbing the “offer” from the UK Parliament, Zuck has accepted the invitation of the EU Parliament to meet and discuss user data issues.

There’s no exact date set just yet, but it will likely be happening next week. Just in time before GDPR comes into play on 25th May.

There will be a private meeting, followed by a public hearing.

Unfortunately, reports say that Zuck won’t be attending the public hearing, which is a big hit for our content on the day. Where will we get our daily supply of memes?

Facebook adds Archive and audio posts to Stories

Stories are growing 15 times faster than feeds. Nearly a billion accounts across Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook and Messenger now create and watch slideshows.

The Stories format is on a path to surpass feeds as the primary way people share things with their friends sometime next year.

While Stories on Facebook is by far not as popular as on other social media channels Facebook is working hard to catch up.

Today, three big Stories features will start rolling out in India.
  • Stories will allow audio posts combining voice message with a colored background photo.
  • Stories will get an Archive similar to Instagram Stories that automatically saves your clips privately after they expire.
  • Users can save their Clips to the social network instead of their phone in case they don’t have enough space.

We’ve already talked about the importance of Stories Ads on Instagram in yesterday’s newsletter. With Stories overtaking feeds next year you should definitely be prepared and dig into it rather soon.

Power Tips from Facebook Ads Experts Academy group

The name sounds very official but it’s a normal Facebook group started by Depesh Mandalia.

It’s the first time we feature content from there. Just because it showed up later, doesn’t mean the content is worse…

Depesh called on group members to share ANY tips they have and this created a great thread full of insightful tips and recently tested strategies.

Here are our top 3.

1. Don’t shy away from worldwide targeting in e-commerce

CPAs and CPMs can be ridiculously low if you run low budget worldwide targeting.

Thanks to Shuayb Chodhury for sharing this. He got 20+ ROAS on $5 per day spend with worldwide targeting.

2. Finding the sweet spot for abandoned cart discount

Abandoned carts are free money waiting to be taken so a good recovery sequence is priceless. Usually a good tactic is to offer a discount on the cart’s content but the question is how much?

Well, Caden Ottley has a good suggestion for everyone. With each email, increase the discount slightly from the previous email in the sequence until you know what the sweet spot is.

3. How to create a carpet bomb video

Don’t know what a carpet bomb video is?

You run super broad audience with video view objective, then you gather a custom audience of people who have engaged with your video (viewed certain percentage of the video, liked, shared, etc.)

You then retarget that audience and build lookalikes to hit closer to home with potential customers.

Chris Colvard shared a great guideline to create videos for this strategy.

How big can you make it with affiliate marketing?

Most full time affiliates make a decent living and a few get very rich by most standards.

Then there's the absolute peak...

Charles Ngo had a crack at presenting some of the biggest affiliate successes in the world. It includes names you might have heard of like TripAdvisor and AskMen.

Here are 2 other big successes mentioned in his post and one special WHAT THE AFF addition.

The Points Guy

The founder of, Brian Kelly, started the site showing people how to travel for almost nothing just using points.

Now it’s an affiliate site for credit cards, hotels and flights with 2.5 million monthly unique users and is getting paid out $50-$400 per credit card someone signs up for. Cha-ching!

PC Magazine

PC Magazine started as a print magazine in the early 80s.

It grew its reader base and eventually became one of the biggest computer news information portals on the web with 45 million visitors a month. founder, Dominik Kofert, was a successful online poker player when he launched the site in 2005 as a forum where people could exchange their thoughts about poker.

This turned into a training website where people did not pay, but instead had to sign up to poker sites using affiliate links, to gain rewards and access to more advanced training material.

Why is this a special addition?

Because all core team members of WHAT THE AFF have a poker background and PokerStrategy made 7 figures just on us playing through their affiliate links.

We were probably more successful than the average member but you can imagine what 7 million members on a revshare deal means…

At one point, the site was valued at several hundred million dollars when poker was booming. It was sold for ~$50 million in July 2013.
Net Neutrality back from the dead?

Never heard of Net Neutrality before? Fine, here you go...

Now that you know what it is, we can tell you that although it has been repealed in December by the FCC, the US Senate voted to reinstate it.

This usually would be good news but unfortunately this is just the first step of an extremely difficult to win battle - almost impossible. The reason for this?

The President has a veto option on reinstating it.

The FCC announced that the old rules expire on 11th June. That’s when we can see whether or not ISPs are honest and won’t throttle some websites and apps.

Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.
Speaking of bringing back the dead...

While affiliates have the challenge of getting their banned Facebook accounts back, some scientists work on getting back dead brains.

Yale neuroscientist Nenad Sestan revealed that his team has successfully reanimated the brains of dead pigs recovered from a slaughterhouse.

OK, the pigs did not regain consciousness, but Sestan thinks it’s possible, and the technique could work on human brains too!

Not sure if we should be excited, creeped out or a bit of both.

This piece from The Next Web is a good read that goes deeper into the whole “live forever” idea and we certainly recommend it if the topic piqued your curiosity.

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