E-Commerce mega-report part 3, from iStack Training is here. Why chatbots are so powerful - how and where to use them to boost your marketing efforts. Facebook has bugs, steals features, and has issues.
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We've brought you enough reading material for the weekend so you don't get bored. E-Commerce reports that get you thinking how to scale your stores, Messenger chatbots: why, where and how. And Canadians get some extra chill...

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Facebook copies more from Snapchat - Instagram "Discovery"

After the smash hit that Stories became across Facebook’s apps, the team has decided it’s time to bring more of Snapchat into Instagram.

No, it’s not the messages that delete themselves (yet). It’s quite the opposite - a feature for longer-form video meant to compete with Snapchat Discovery and YouTube.

This will be a dedicated space featuring scripted shows, music videos but with vertically oriented, full-screen, 4K resolution.

It’s something great for influencers and it’s also good if you’re someone who buys traffic from influencers already.

PS: Speaking of copying others, maybe a less popular one with marketers, Facebook’s also attempting to compete with Twitch, through its gaming hub.

Issue ads are not just political campaigns

If you’ve been reading our newsletter, you’ve certainly heard that Facebook is much more restrictive with what they call issue ads, after the whole election debacle.

What might not have been clear yet is what this means in practice.

FB just said you need to get verified and authorize to run issue ads.

Here’s the thing though - depending on what angles you use for your products, you can be non-political but still run so-called issue ads.

That means you will have to be verified and authorized. Some affiliates already have reported being hit by this.

Facebook offers a full list of what is considered "national issues of public importance".

Some that stand out for us when it comes to affiliate campaigns are:

  • Economy, Poverty, Taxes - if you run financial offers you could have angles based on this
  • Education - if you run edu lead gen
  • Energy, Environment - if you run solar lead gen
  • Health - do we even have to mention where this could apply?

Luckily, this applies only to those targeting the US… for now.

Part 3 of iStack Training’s mega-report

Parts 1 and 2 are also in the E-Commerce All-Star Secrets group and our past newsletters, so you can easily get familiar with them.

Part 3 is all about key metrics - what numbers do the big e-commerce players get and what apps do they use to improve them.

AOV, repeat orders, margins, monthly revenue - all are in the report.

The tipping point seems to be when you can get your AOV over $100 but under $500. That seems like the point where you can scale your store to big monthly numbers.

Over $500 seems to have the opposite effect - monthly revenue drops significantly. Makes us think most people in this category do high-ticket e-commerce to get such high AOV.

A wall of learnings from an e-commerce veteran

Colin McGuire is a member of Facebook Ad Buyers group and someone who’s sold many e-commerce brands.

In an attempt to help out the community when it comes to building a brand through e-commerce stores, he wrote a lengthy post, sharing what he has learned so far.

He talks ads, backend, spying and retargeting to name a few, plus he is still around to answer specific questions.

Go check out his post!

Are you not using Messenger Marketing already?

At last year's Affiliate World Europe, Erik Dyck, CEO of iStack Training, had an interesting talk with ManyChat CEO Mike Yang with the provocative title "Email is Dead. Welcome to messenger Marketing".

There are one billion active Messenger users, and it’s no secret that messaging apps are the tools people use to interact with their friends nowadays.

When it comes to B2C relationships email is still heavily used, but Yang predicts that in 5 years 80% of the B2C communication will be through messaging apps.

In 2016 Facebook’s API made it possible to implement Chatbots in its Messenger.

It’s unlikely that you haven’t seen them, but if so you can check out how it works here.

According to ManyChat, Messenger Bots have 4x higher open rates and are 4-10x more engaging than email.

When do you have the ability to message people?

You cannot just message everyone who liked your page.

You can message people who messaged you or somehow interacted with you through Messenger.

After somebody interacted with you, you have 24 hours to send ads or previews of your products.

After 24 hours you can only send content the person subscribed to.

How to get people to interact with your Messenger Bot?

To get people to interact with you, you can basically use the same strategies as you would use to gather an email list.

This can be a lead magnet or something valuable a user gets to reach out to you through messenger.

When people reach out to you, you can send them preset messages through a bot, but you can also chat with them manually.

One good example would be to set up a Chatbot to prequalify your leads.

Ask 3 questions like

  • "Do you have a business?" - yes/no.
  • If yes "Cool, do you want more sales or do you want more leads?"
  • "What's your monthly budget? Is it more than $5.000+?".

You can setup ManyChat that every time you have a qualified lead it sends you a notification, then you can jump in manually and shift the conversation in a more customized direction, maybe even offer to call the potential customer.

You can also retarget abandoned carts through the Messenger.

Another way to boost your sales is to send people shipment updates through messenger and make them interact in one way or another. That way a new 24 hour period starts and you can send them to upsell offers.

If people love your content you can get crazy engagement on messenger, even 50%+ engagement rates do exist!

Sell on messenger or warm up and send to a website?

People in Asia are more likely to buy directly in Messenger, people in North America and Europe are not that comfortable with it yet.

Messenger is pushing to make people add their credit cards to their accounts. That way they can pay by only clicking "thumbs up" without leaving Messenger or entering any payment details.  

The Simple 4-Step Messenger Marketing Funnel That Generated $250,000

If all that bot talk got you thinking, there’s also a big case study ManyChat shared on its blog.

In it, you can see how Jason Swenk used ManyChat to make a marketing funnel generating $250,000 in revenue.

To drive people to his chatbot Jason replaced the "Contact" section on his website by a link to his chatbot.

He used the chatbot to filter his customers in buckets to be able to automatically show them more customized offers.

He used automated follow-up sequences to get people’s emails as well.

He reached out to high value leads personally.

If you are using chatbots or are considering it we highly recommend to check out the full case study.

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