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Facebook Stories gets its own Video Ads format. Instagram makes it easier to use existing posts for ads. The whole Ads Manager is getting a makeover. Neil Patel teaches everyone how to create their own digital product. GDPR is near and we found more useful tools for you. and the SEC launches an ICO.

Facebook Stories gets video ads starting today

Since copying Snapchat’s Stories into all their apps, the format has seen big growth.

In May, Facebook Stories has had 150 million daily active users and Facebook thinks it’s now time for ads.

They will be 5 to 15 second video ads users can skip. It will be without any click through ability or dedicated CTA like most other ad formats. Those will be coming later.

The format will start testing today in the US, Mexico and Brazil.

Facebook Stories is not the only update.

Instagram launches re-sharing of posts to Stories

The idea with the new re-sharing option is to give users a way to add their own commentary or react to a post without repurposing it as their own.

Re-sharing can only be done from public Instagram accounts.

If you don’t want people re-sharing your posts, you can opt to turn off the new feature in the app’s settings.

Re-sharing posts is not the only thing coming to Instagram - advertisers get a little treat too.

According to Nick Shackelford’s rep, you will soon be able to turn an existing Instagram organic post into an ad from the Ads Manager interface.

So far, you could only do it within the app with the Promote feature.

Just like Facebook Stories Video Ads, there are some limitations starting off but Facebook has shown it knows how to create ad formats, so expect more features to come to this too!

Ads Manager is getting a little makeover
Alright, Facebook announced more things - they will be updating the Ads Manager to improve efficiency, education and optimization.

In other words, they will change the interface. The most interesting one is their update for ads reporting.

You will be able to drag and drop metrics to customize the report and analyze more dimensions than before.
*thumbs up*

Other changes include adding the campaign structure to the side editing panel, so you have an easier time navigating through it all.

You can expect monthly updates about new features in the Advertiser Help Center from now on.

How to create a successful digital product with your affiliate marketing skills

Affiliate marketing can be great and it can get really big, like we saw yesterday.

But you cannot get to those numbers when you just run traffic for other people’s products usually.

To reach those heights, you almost always have to have your own offer, your own product.

And then you leverage your skills to grow it like crazy.

That’s basically what Neil Patel talked about at Affiliate World Asia last year - how to create a digital product that generates at least $100,000 a month.

While $100,000 sounds out of the ordinary, he clearly knows what he is talking about and if this a somewhat interesting topic for you we recommend checking out the full video.

A few key takeaways:
  • Pick a niche you know you’re an expert in. Being enthusiastic about the field helps a lot in terms of credibility and motivation.
  • Find a non saturated niche. Avoid red oceans like nutrition unless you can come up with something that really stands out.
  • Create a product that helps people, build something you can be proud of. It makes you more credible and you will have to pay less refunds.
  • Ask for feedback. Survey your readers or run campaigns to get feedback.
  • The digital product should last for one to three months. If it’s less than a month you will have too many refunds, if it’s more than three months it scares people off because it’s too much work.
  • As always, choose video and audio over text.
  • Charge a lot! Neil recommends a price between $1,000 and $3,000.
  • When it comes to sales use the proven power point scheme. That means educate people about a potential problem and your product followed by a sales pitch with a Q&A at the end.

Seems we went in the totally wrong direction. We’re offering a free newsletter that we have to craft every day for you guys. But we love doing it - if you love reading it we’d appreciate you recommending it to your family, friends, colleagues, and everyone you run into.

Pwetty pwease...

Chrome will remove the “secure” label for HTTPS sites

Starting September, that green label will disappear for HTTPs sites. It will display a grey lock instead, with the goal to eventually remove the lock completely.

At the same time, pages running HTTP will get a bright red warning starting in October when users enter data.

If you’re collecting leads, better get ready!

Are you are as sick of GDPR as us?

It’s definitely not a sexy topic but it’s an important one. That’s why we’ll try our best to bring the most useful tools and advice on the topic.

We’re obviously not lawyers, so double check everything we say and recommend.

ManyChat has presented their updates to get ready for GDPR starting 25th May and it’s looking good.

From what we can tell, you’ll have a relatively easy way to make all your bots compliant. Getting consent, proving it, “right to be forgotten” features… Big *thumbs up*, more companies should take this example.

If you are not so lucky to get all the needed features from the services you use, there’s this simple tool called UserDataTrust that can quickly make your website GDPR compliant.

It’s basically like the previous cookiebox tools but it adds more GDPR-required features. It’s also simple to implement, just gotta copy/paste some code.

One week to go, hopefully this was in time to help you out!

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The SEC launches its own ICO

With HoweyCoin, the US Securities Exchange Commission is starting a revolution that will democratize travel and leisure for everyone!

If you thought this is real, it’s exactly why the SEC made the HoweyCoin - they want to warn investors of scams and issues associated with token sales.

It’s just too easy to create something that looks credible then rely on the greed and naivety of people looking to make a quick buck.

Check out the SEC’s major red flags for ICOs.

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