Being GDPR day, the topic is still around and James Van Elswyk has a treat for everyone in his FB group, plus a couple of native ads tips. E-commerce funnel optimization, what's the best ratio of key metrics?
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Free professional advice is always good, and that's what some affiliates can get from Purple Knowledge Lab group when it comes to GDPR. Free tunes from Facebook for your ads, figuring out what's a good ratio in your e-commerce funnel and how Alexa is turning into HAL 9000.
James Van Elswyk is the hero affiliates NEED but not the one they DESERVE

OK, maybe the adjusted quote from The Dark Knight is a bit over the top here but hear us out...

This guy and his team are doing something really cool for all affiliates. They are hosting a livestream in Purple Knowledge Lab Group with a GDPR lawyer - free for all group members to attend.

You can ask someone who actually advises on the topic of GDPR, and not just take the word of a few random affiliates like ourselves.

The livestream is scheduled for TODAY, May 25th at 12pm CST which should be 5pm GMT. Time zones can be confusing - just join the group and you’ll get notified.

And some tips for native and FB from the man himself

Last year James shared some of his secrets about Facebook and native ads at Affiliate World Asia.

GEO swapping on Facebook.

  • Run a campaign in one expensive country (US) and in a few countries with cheap traffic with high engagement (Malaysia, Philippines, India).
  • Facebook sees an ad with tons of likes and values it higher.
  • Later on stop the campaign in the countries with cheap traffic and.
  • That way your costs for advertising in the expensive country go down.

When you want to create a lookalike audience from this campaign do that after you already excluded the cheap engagement GEOs and their impact got diluted.

Revving the engine on native.

  • When you launch an image on an adserver start with the lowest budget possible and the highest bid possible for a limited time.
  • That way the adserver will mark your ad with a high score.
  • Then lower the bid and turn the ad back on.
  • That way the adserver thinks the ad is better than it really is and your ad is floating on those cheaper costs for a while.

If you want to hear more of James’ tips or his approach about hiring and managing employees check out the full interview here.

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E-Commerce Knowledge from Purple Knowledge

There’s a really cool discussion going on related to a typical Add To Cart - Initiate Checkout - Purchase ratio should be for stores.

Big names like Mohammed Ali Aguel and Depesh Mandalia have both provided their numbers and tips to improve them.

Plenty of tips how to improve your funnel - either to increase AOV or CVR. What videos to use where, social proof, bundles, etc. All there.

If you run e-commerce, go read the whole thread.

The cliffnotes of Zuckerberg’s interview at VivaTech

Not surprisingly, there’s not that much new Zuck could say about privacy and Cambridge Analytica after the past few months.

In short?

FB is great at connecting people.

Their AI catches 99% of terrorism content before anyone sees it, but it’s more difficult with hate speech.

On starting a company: “Do something you believe in, not start a company because you want to start a company”. What if you believe in making money, Mark?

GDPR. Everybody cares about privacy. Good regulation can increase public trust that these systems are working. And it can stifle competition.

GDPR can be a step into that direction. FB will roll out the option/basic rule for GDPR standards worldwide.

Ads allows FB to be free to everyone, not just who can afford to pay a fee.

For rankings in their newsfeed people want FB to use their data. But they will have the option to delete cookies on FB just like in their browser - even if that makes their experience worse, bringing less relevant newsfeed content.

If you feel like watching the full 40 minutes, you can check the video on Zuck’s Facebook page.

Get your ads grooving with Facebook’s free sound collection

This is not that new but we somehow missed it all the time we were running Facebook Ads…

Facebook is providing a pretty decent collection of songs you can use in your videos, that are copyright free.

In other words, no silly bans for using the wrong song that got some producer really really angry.

Check it out here.

Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.
“I’m sorry, Jane, I’m afraid I have to tell this to everyone”

Alexa turns out to be the modern day female version of HAL 9000.

Guess what happened to a woman in Portland?

A part of the conversation she was having sounded like “Alexa”. *Beep boop*, Alexa was listening closely.

Somehow then Alexa heard “send message” somewhere in the conversation, then a name in the contact list.

Not being completely evil, Alexa asked to be sure: “[contact name], right?” Just how luck would have it, someone did say “right” in the conversation. “Beep boop* - sending message.

And that’s how this woman had her private conversation recorded and sent to one of her husband’s employees.

From now on, if you have Alexa or another smart assistant at your home or office, maybe rename them to something you’d never say in a conversation by mistake, like “iscaSpINeIne” - taken from LastPass.

There are password generators, use them for generating smart assistant names too!

WHAT THE AFF... is reading

Here at WHAT THE AFF we enjoy reading books on business, economics, psychology, marketing and the likes.

We basically always have one book we are reading and very little off time.The ones we find very good, we’ll share with you.

Thomas is reading Shoe Dog by Phil Knight

"While I believe we can learn a lot by reading biographies of interesting personalities, they are sometimes a bit dry or suffer from hindsight syndrome.

In his memoirs, Phil Knight paints a fascinating picture of what entrepreneurship really means. Both his life journey and the language used in the book are intoxicating and at no point he tries to mislead the reader that the exact development of Nike had been planned out.

It was the result of many tough business decisions and a lot of perseverance. Just read it!"


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