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Trackers causing issues for Facebook ad accounts, getting them banned for seemingly no reason. Changing the discount paradigm in e-commerce, Walmart likely beats Amazon in India and what happens when 2 billionaires from different generations argue.

Got your perfectly white hat Facebook ad account banned recently?

Quite a few affiliates have been reporting this happening to them and the only thing in common was using Voluum.

This sparked a discussion on the STM Forum, and it turns out it’s not Voluum per se to blame but the way trackers work as a default - redirects.

Nobody knows for sure what about redirects Facebook doesn’t like. Voluum support said:

"We can confirm that some of the new Facebook campaigns created on Voluum have been getting rejected lately. At the same time some of them have been untouched by this issue. The reasons behind this are still unclear, as no clear pattern has arisen from our exhaustive tests. We will continue our investigation and will provide you with the details as soon as we have them."

What’s the solution? No redirects.

ThriveTracker and FunnelFlux both have this option, and Voluum is introducing this feature too, currently in beta but you can reach out to support and have it activated for your account.

If any of your accounts got banned because of this, it’s certainly worth patiently and repeatedly explaining it to FB so you get them back.

Music on Instagram?

Instagram is preparing to let you add music to your Stories, judging by code found inside its Android app.

"Music stickers" could let you search for and add a song to your post, thanks to licensing deals with the major record labels recently struck by Facebook.

Listenable music stickers would make Instagram Stories look more professional and more interesting to watch.

This feature should help to consolidate Instagram's position against competition like Musically or Snapchat.

It’s not entirely clear yet, but it seems that once you’ve picked a song and added it as a music sticker to your Story, a clip of that song will play while people watch.

It’s possible that the initial version of the stickers will only display the artist and title of the song similar to Facebook’s activity status updates, rather than actually adding it as a listenable soundtrack.

Getting more users wearing headphones or turning the sound on while using Instagram could be a boon to the app’s business, as advertisers all want to be heard, as well as seen.

Should e-commerce store owners hide their discounts? Probably!

Retailers have long known where to put the bargain bin - in the back of the store, where customers might be tempted on their journey through the aisles to buy something at full price.

In e-commerce one of the biggest levers stores have is price. This also means in the rush to provide discounts stores are subsidizing high-value customers.

This new working paper proposes that online stores take a page from their brick-and-mortar counterparts.

The idea is to add more friction to the path of finding discounts.

"We want to see how well these extra clicks stand in for this physical friction of walking to the back of the store, and just how willing customers would be to go deeper into a website to find a better price."

Some ideas to add friction without changing the customer experience to the worse are removing the ability to search by discounts, and taking away markers that automatically calculate discounts for buyers.

A test for more than 100,000 online shoppers showed that the average selling price increased by 38 percent without losing customers.

Time for a paradigm shift in e-commerce?

Walmart beats Amazon in $15 billion Flipkart battle

On the 25th of April we were talking about the fight for the Indian e-commerce market.

Back then it looked like Walmart will buy 60-80% of Flipkart for $12 billion but Amazon was still in the race.

Now, the board of Flipkart has approved an agreement to sell about 75 percent of the company to Walmart for $15 billion.

Flipkart’s board ultimately decided a deal with Walmart is more likely to win regulatory approval because Amazon is the no. 2 e-commerce operator in India behind Flipkart and its primary competitor.

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Forget Bitcoin going to the moon -  Apple IS the moon!

With Apple’s sales in the latest quarter topping estimates and Warren Buffet saying he bought an additional 75 million shares the stock rallied more than 10 percent in the last week.

This means a $1 trillion valuation is just $16 or 8% per stock away.

The question is can Apple sustain this type of growth with a more and more saturated smartphone market.

When billionaires argue...

Musk and Buffett come from 2 different generation of entrepreneurs and investors and you can tell based on the things they invest in.

Musk does super high risk tech, while Buffett is a fan of proven, older businesses, like banks, credit cards… and candy.

These 2 got into a long distance argument that went something like this:

Elon: The idea of moats in business is stupid.
Warren: No it isn’t, we have good moats for our Berkshire businesses. You might break into some industries, but it can’t work anywhere, like in candy. Our moat is too good!
Elon: Hold my beer...

Then Elon went to Twitter to explain his masterplan:

We can clearly see being rich AF makes you think about the important things in life...
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