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Facebook vs Twitter is like David vs Goliath of social media companies. They had their earnings call on the same day, so we run you through the numbers and anything relevant for affiliates and advertisers. New Gmail might hurt those doing email (not us, please! not us!).

We get going with the big guy... Facebook Inc.

The numbers:

Earnings per share: $1.69
Revenue from advertising: $11.97 billion
Revenue from mobile advertising: $10.7 billion
Daily active users: 1.449 billion
Net income: $4.99 billion

Stock performance was also great, up 7.3% in after hours trading.

The crew's thoughts on it:

There’s been a lot of noise in the media about FB, Cambridge Analytica and privacy. This reached its peak in late Q1 so numbers of Q2 will be more interesting to look at but so far, so good.

More users, more ads, more revenue, more profit. Year-over-year, daily and monthly active users are up 13%.

What is the most interesting to us is the 91% revenue from mobile ads. Facebook went from being just a website to being an apps business, that’s clear.

For affiliates, we’re sure many already knew mobile is important but for people who doubt it, you have clear numbers here.

Stating the obvious but… If your mobile experience sucks, you are putting yourself in an awful position when running FB ads.

Mark also posted a short message to the Facebook community, saying that the focus for 2018 is to keep people safe and to build the experiences people expect from FB. In other words, he reiterated what he said in his hearings with Congress.

They even have a new TV ad on the topic of what is the Facebook experience and their commitment to foster it. The YouTube community is not thrilled - the video has over 50% dislikes.

Conclusion: Facebook is probably doing it right. You can learn from them if you’re building a company and you can profit if you run ads with them the right way.

So what about that little birdie?

The numbers:

Earnings per share: $0.16
Revenue: $665 million
Revenue from advertising: $575 million
Monthly active users: 336 million
Net income: $61 million

Stock performance? Slightly negative - upward spike after beating earnings prediction but then back down.

The crew's take on it:

Looking at Twitter next to Facebook paints a bleak picture. Aside from the almost 20x factor in revenue numbers, Twitter doesn’t even disclose daily active users…

The main focus for Twitter is to get profitable. This means they need to get advertisers to spend more on their platform.

Is there an affiliate opportunity here?

Maybe… First you have to recognize Twitter is not Facebook, not in numbers and not in experience (for user or advertiser).

They also have CPC model, not CPM, and your ad is limited to a tweet.

Their tools are nowhere near as advanced as Facebook.

On the upside, there’s less competition on Twitter. We’ve seen some bizopp offers running consistently.

We’ve tried it ourselves for a few weeks for crypto leadgen. It showed some promise before crypto ads (and our ad account) got banned.

Twitter doesn’t have its compliance team in as good of a shape as Facebook, that’s for sure. The crypto bot spammers with verified accounts are proof of this.

Conclusion: Twitter is showing some signs of life, both for investors and advertisers. Affiliates might want to spend a bit of time there, since it’s a blue ocean. Or at least not as red as Facebook and Google

Codewise appoints John Malatesta as President

Codewise, the company behind Zeropark and Voluum, announced the appointment of Dr. John Malatesta as the company’s first President.

Malatesta has held multiple senior leadership roles at Fortune 500 companies and high-growth startups during his 22-year career in the software industry.

Rob Gryn, CEO and owner of Codewise: "The exponential growth of Codewise’s revenue, pioneering new innovative technologies and the progressive expansion into new geographics now calls for the deployment of a state-of-the-art operational management structure."

Codewise is certainly one of the top names in affiliate marketing. So much so, that Rob was represented as some sort of godfather of the industry, in that Bloomberg article calling out affiliates as the biggest scammers on the Internet.

Expect to see more Instagram posts like this from Rob - he has more time on his hands now. Hopefully less Bloomberg articles though... Those can be done by the new President.

... that’s what Gmail might tell you because yesterday Google launched the biggest revamp of its email client in years.

The biggest changes:
  • New phishing protection to help address Business Email Compromise threats
  • Gmail confidential mode
    • Create expiration dates for emails
    • Revoke previously sent messages
    • Require additional authentication via text message to view an email
  • Information Rights Management

Allows to remove the option to forward, copy, download or print messages to help reducing the risk of confidential information being shared accidentally.

  • AI-powered features
    • Nudging: Reminds you to follow up or respond to messages.
    • Smart Reply for Desktop: Automatically suggesting three responses based on the email you received.
    • High-priority notifications: Only notifies you of important messages, keeping interruptions to a minimum

The new Gmail experience is available for businesses to start using today and can be turned on in the Admin console.

Personal Gmail users can opt-in to the new experience too (Go to Settings in the top right and select "Try the new Gmail".).

If you are doing email, this sounds like it will hurt open rates for low quality emails but can significantly help high quality messages.

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Mark "Bo Jane Boogami" Zuckerberg

In honor of a great Q1 for Facebook and its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, we leave you with a 5 minutes video summary of his Congress hearings - A Bad Lip Reading version.

Caution: Best enjoyed with an empty mouth. You might make a mess when you spit out your food from laughing.

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