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We give you a full recap of the most important announcements from Shopify Unite 2018. Amazon is bringing smart homes nearer to you, and hopes it will drive more sales. What do you do when all else fails and someone wants to unsubscribe? And the Winklevoss twins are building their "crypto pickaxe" empire, one patent at a time.

Shopify Unite 2018 - Recap

The event has come to a close and among all the announcements, a highlight was the chat between Shopify CEO, Tobias Lütke and Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.

You can watch the whole talk on Trudeau’s Facebook page.

But that’s boring for e-commerce entrepreneurs so let’s just get into the important part. What’s new and when is it available - we’ve compiled a list for you.

New Marketing Section

  • All your digital marketing, all-in-one: With this centralized section housed within Shopify, you’ll be able to create digital marketing campaigns faster and more efficiently than ever before, using all the marketing apps you’ve come to rely on. That means email campaigns, social media posts, referral campaigns, discount banners, paid ad campaigns and more, all in one place. Goodbye, tab overload.
  • Smarter campaigns: Quickly compare your campaign results across different marketing activities. Did your Mother’s Day ad campaign pay off? How did your Valentine’s Day campaign compare to your Easter weekend discount? Get insights to fuel smarter campaigns in the future.
  • Personalized recommendations: What should you do next to get the most value for your dollar? Shopify’s intelligent, insights-driven marketing recommendations will guide you to the right audience based on your unique store and products

Available Summer 2018

Buy One, Get One (BOGO) discounts

Create your discount, use the shareable discount link to promote it and have visitors delivered right to the discounted product page, all without having to enter a discount code. Or offer BOGO discounts to specific customers to fuel your retention and loyalty programs.

Dynamic Checkout

Dynamic Checkout is a one-step checkout that personalizes a customer’s purchase experience.

Here’s how it works:
  • Personalized checkout methods: Show your customers their favorite checkout method instead of overwhelming them with options. A PayPal user will see the PayPal button, an Apple Pay user will see an Apple Pay button, and so on.
  • Capture intent earlier: Your visitors are prompted to start the checkout experience directly on the product page.
  • Make purchases even easier: This reduces the number of steps needed to checkout, which means less friction and an overall better customer experience.

Available right now

Shopify Localized

Multiple languages for store owners, all backend stuff, coming in French, German, Japanese, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese (sorry Portuguese Portuguese), and Spanish.

Also, local payment methods when using Shopify Payments.

Early beta already open

Shopify Services Marketplace

Essentially an alternative to Fiverr and Upwork, where merchants can request help with anything from basic store setup to bespoke integration development, and everything in between.

Public beta - summer 2018

Fraud Protect by Shopify Payments

When it’s activated, Shopify will analyze each eligible order for fraud, and provide a protect decision.

Available "soon" for US merchants.

Shopify Ping

Merging customer support and marketing, we mentioned it in yesterday’s newsletter.

Available Summer 2018


You can check inventory and fulfill orders from any of your locations, all within Shopify.

Available Summer 2018

You still think Amazon isn’t trying to take over the world?

Amazon announced experience centers in 15 urban areas across the US in partnership with the largest US home construction company Lennar Corp.

What’s an experience center? In Amazon’s words - they are "intended to educate and inspire. On the secondary benefit, if it drives sales, we’re not complaining,".

It also makes it possible for customers to see and experience what a true smart home would feel like.

Binge Amazon shopping through Alexa is coming to your home - rejoice!

Did you already try yesterday’s carousel ads tip?

Yesterday we told you about how you can get people hooked on your carousel ads, thanks to a tip by Jeff Minnichbach.

Well, some people said they don’t know how to create all the images in Photoshop, so Jeff returned with a quick video tutorial for everyone to watch.

And just as luck has it, we also found another great example how to use carousel ads.

Check out how Burger King Austria takes it to the next level by applying the same concept with videos!

When all else fails… Try the discount!

Chase Cline posted in Russell Brunson’s ClickFunnels group an easy but useful tip for your email unsubscription page - a one-time-offer!

Instead of saying "We’re sorry to see you go, please click one of these options to give us feedback why you unsubscribed",  you should attempt to retain them!

The easiest option is to offer a discount code, but of course you can get creative here.

Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.
"During the gold rush it’s a good time to be in the pick and shovel business"

And in crypto, it’s a good time to be in the exchange business. The Winklevoss twins know this.

They gained their fifth patent, this time for "exchange-traded products using crypto".

The twins are also investors in Gemini, a digital asset exchange. They are trying to go all in in the crypto pickaxes business, and all we can say is well done them!

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