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Are pops really dying this time? Probably not but we have a look at what is actually happening. We do a short recap of Day 1 of FB's F8 conference - full write-up tomorrow, so stay tuned for that. Getting your feet wet with influencer marketing and we look at whether marketing is an art or a science... kinda.

Are Misleading Ads Killing Pops?

If you’ve been around affiliate marketing for a few months, you know that pops are one of the most popular traffic sources, especially to start your journey as an affiliate.

Over the recent months both ad-blockers and stricter compliance rules made most affiliates see a lower return on their spend on this traffic type.

PropellerAds recently came out with a blogpost on why you should avoid misleading ads.

This is the traffic source with some of the biggest pop inventory where many have seen success when using aggressive tactics.

Furthermore, PopAds seems to provide inconsistent traffic and it’s a reasonable guess to say that publishers opt out because the network allows very aggressive landing pages.

All in all, this paints a pessimistic picture for pops.

Since we don’t run pop traffic anymore, we had to ask someone who is still doing it right! Is it really tougher or not?

Here’s what
Andrew, founder of had to say on the topic:

“Some lander and creative types are getting flagged more frequently than before - likely due to their misleading nature aka brand images, typical notification tactics and other JavaScript.

Also, the recent Chrome 66 update on April 17th has had a larger impact than the previous Chrome 65 update in regards to browser impact on lander performance.

Cloaking still seems to mitigate some of these issues but is not a 100% solution to avoid it.

It appears that on some sources the shifting of publishers on and off the ad network is happening quite frequently and sometimes a drop in traffic happens rather quickly.

Although, this particular point is a theory based on my observations.”

Pops are changing, and affiliates should adapt. The days of “You’ve won an iPhone” printing money easily are coming to an end it seems.

Facebook F8 - Day 1 Summary

Facebook’s F8 conference is happening on May 1st and 2nd. We’ve made a super short recap of the announced features of Day 1. We’ll go into more detail for what is relevant for media buyers after Day 2 is done.

- exactly what it sounds like. You can create a dating profile on FB. Goodbye Tinder?

Clear History - privacy focused feature that Zuckerberg announced even before the conference on Facebook. Clears browsing history, could have an impact on retargeting.

Re-opening App reviews - very relevant for those using chatbots in their funnels and campaigns.

Oculus GO - mostly cool to see a $199 VR headset available.

Video Chat on Instagram

Chat translation

3D photos in the newsfeed

Group video call (up to 4) coming to WhatsApp

AR Camera Effects open to Instagram

Cambridge Analytica Sets The Facts Straight

The folks at Cambridge Analytica are very busy trying to save what is left of their image after the data scandal.

It’s impossible for someone who hasn’t been involved to know the full reality of things but we are curious of what CA has to say, and they’ve now come out with their list of facts about it all.

In short, CA says that they licensed data from Dr Aleksandr Kogan.

This data was more or less useless and it was not used for the Trump campaign.

The data was deleted in 2015 when FB asked.

The “whistleblower” is a contractor who got really pissed off that he couldn’t make a spin-off company on his own.

Cambridge Analytica does not condone dirty tricks like hacking, entrapment or “honeytraps”... but their (ex) CEO was caught on camera suggesting this.

Overall, CA looks like the sort of company that danced on the edge of the cliff and slipped.

Oh, Snap!

The results are so poor compared to Google, Facebook and Twitter that they are almost not worth mentioning.

Slower growth in Q1 and predicting it to slow down even more for Q2. Lost a bunch of money, $0.17 per share, after a revenue of $230.7 million.

Stock also went down 14% in after hours.

Where To Get Influencers Quickly

Misleading ads, privacy issues, ad-blockers - all have a negative effect on the reach you can have with traditional media buying.

The model is still very much viable but with all the changes from recent events, coupled with influencer marketing growing in popularity makes us think that those affiliates who figure out this “new” traffic source first could well be the next big success stories.

We’ve dug around and think for anyone interested, this Entrepreneur article is a great start. For the lazy ones, here are the top tools an affiliate can get going with:

IZEA - Pay-per-post. Can use use influencer network to create custom content for your own brand’s use. They also have a SaaS available. Cheaper to start out.

Tribe - Free access, you pay per engagement. User generated content becomes yours to use as you wish in your marketing strategy. Also cheap to start out and interesting to test a different payment model.

NeoReach - Costs $399/month and is the Cadillac of influencer marketing. Can search the database using over 40 filters (targeting, yum!), automation to manage and onboard influencers, and in-depth reporting. Sounds like an environment for a media buyer! They also have a 24/7 help desk.

Of course, there are plenty of others out there but these strike us as a good trio to get your feet wet.

Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.
Is Marketing Art or Science?

Media buyers focus on the numbers so they lean more towards science.

If you focus on coming up with the next best angle and most viral creative, it’s an art.

Well, we’ve been on the fence, til we found this article.

Title? “French museum discovers more than half of its paintings are fakes“

The amount of misleading tactics and fake promises in AM very much resemble the ratio in this museum’s collection.

From now on, whenever someone says affiliate marketing is a scam, point them towards the arts for a comparison.

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