How you can get money Reporo owes you. Dropified has been telling customers you ship the products from AliExpress for dirt cheap. Learn how to fix this leak. FB hearing livestreamed today and making the Pixel GDPR compliant. Adobe starts competing with Shopify.
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Another one bites the dust - Reporo is shutting down. From Facebook land: EU hearing will be livestreamed, progressive groups want to tear the company apart and how to make the FB Pixel GDPR compliant. Shopify gets some competition from Adobe and Dropified has been telling customers you buy from AliExpress at a fraction of a cost.

The popular traffic source goes into liquidation.

In other words, if you have money with Reporo, it will very likely be gone.

As always, this came as a surprise. A few people have reported issues here and there with depositing or getting paid.

Unfortunately, a handful of people complaining is not uncommon even for the most legitimate businesses so everyone mostly ignored the noise.

If they owe you money, check their notice to creditors and see what’s the best action to get at least something back.

People are still able to log into their account but there are no payment methods available, thankfully.

Reporo was known as a quickly growing and relatively high quality adult traffic source, with premium traffic like RedTube.

Affiliates will miss Reporo and all the money it owes them.

Zuck will let the EU Parliament stream their meeting

The CEO had a change of heart with regards to the meeting and has agreed to have it livestreamed.

We expect it to not be quite the same entertainment quality as the US Senate hearings but nevertheless, it’s something worth keeping an eye on.

The meeting will take place from 18:15 CEST (16:15 GMT).

You can follow today’s live action right here, on the EU Parliament’s website.

Progressive groups ponny up 6 figures to dismantle Facebook

OK, 6 figures to dismantle Facebook sounds crazy low and we bet against it having any chance of success but you never know…

What’s actually happening?

Groups like the Open Market Institute and MoveOn Civic action are putting up 6 figures to run ads calling for the FTC to split up Facebook, Inc. and spin off WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger into separate companies.

One of the best parts? They’re running the ads on Facebook! They will also run the ads on Twitter and display.

Zuckerberg was asked in his hearings in the US if he thinks Facebook is a monopoly, and gave a clear no.

Top 100 native ads headlines of 2018 so far...

The guys from went through Adplexity Native and manually hand-picked more than 100 top performing headlines used by affiliate marketers during the last 6 months.

When you go through their list of headlines you not only see which copy seems to work best, you also see which are the most promising verticals in 2018.

Not surprising, casino, crypto and nutra are still literally making headlines.

You can check out the full list here.

Will Shopify get stronger competition? Adobe acquires Magento for $1.68 billion

Magento, a popular e-commerce CMS has agreed a deal with Adobe that should close in the 3rd quarter of this year.

Magento’s one of the alternatives to Shopify and it supports more than $155 billion in gross merchandise volume.

Among popular customers are Canon and Rosetta Stone.

There’s not much info about what this means for the development of Magento.

However, Adobe’s plan seems to be to combine it into its Experience Cloud offering, a suite of digital marketing services that include advertising and analytics tools.

Dropshipping from AliExpress? Your customers can see where you buy from and at what price!
Satinder Kassoana posted in the Facebook Ad Buyers group that customers who have created an account on his store can see all AliExpress notes because Dropified automatically puts them there.

With Dropified leaking this information customers can see you bought from AliExpress and they can also see what price you paid for it.

Needless to say that this is something you clearly want to avoid.

Luckily, a solution how to fix that got posted in the comments section already.

So if you are dropshipping and using Dropified you better check that out here.

Asking for consent for the Facebook Pixel

Just a few days to go until GDPR comes into play.

We’re preparing a more thorough last minute guide for Thursday’s newsletter.

It will have all tools and tips we’ve managed to gather on the topic for people running affiliate campaigns, e-commerce stores or any sort of lead generation. Don’t miss it!

In the meantime, there’s good news regarding Facebook’s Pixel.

There are step by step instructions for how to ask for consent if you are using the pixel directly and not through 3rd party tools.

Check Facebook Developer’s article right here.

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Teens exposed by this one weird app!

When you hear "teens exposed", you usually think of the title of a PornHub video.. Well, not this time.

TeenSafe is meant to protect teenagers by letting their parents monitor their texts, phone calls, web history, location and app downloads.

It turns out TeenSafe’s ability to protect teenagers is comparable with the ability of this gate to protect your land from unwanted visitors.

TeenSafe left two of their servers, which were hosted on AWS, exposed and viewable by anyone.

Moreover, the database included information such as the parent’s email address, child’s Apple ID email address, device name, device unique identifier and plaintext passwords for the teenager’s Apple ID.

So… just about everything.


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