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With every Chrome update, Google does something to the typical affiliate ads it seems. Snapchat is betting on e-commerce. Speaking of which, there's more competition for Stripe. We throw in some Facebook creatives advice too and end with the biggest ICO exit-scam to date.

And Chrome strikes affiliates again!

For you as a marketer the biggest change in Google’s latest Chrome update is that autoplaying content with sound is now blocked by default.

Auto playing content that is muted still plays automatically.

Auto playing content with sound, whether it has visible controls or not, and whether it is set to play on loop or not, simply does not start playing.

Chrome has a 57% global market share, so it’s hands down the biggest browser. Safari comes in second with under 15%!

Great update for users, tough one for affiliates.
You’re most likely using autoplay in any VSL…

First alternative that comes to mind is to autoplay without sound and add an eye-catching animation at the beginning to encourage people to turn sound on.

The whack-a-mole game between big companies and affiliates continues.

Stripe has big competition from Europe.

When thinking about a solution for online payments, first name that comes to mind is Stripe. A lesser known solution is Adyen, a company based in the Netherlands.

Adyen has announced over 1 billion in revenue in 2017, up from $600 mil in 2016. That is some insane growth.

We’ve used both, so we’ll take this opportunity to give you a summary of the main differences when it comes to being a merchant on either platform - #notSponsored just so we’re clear about that...

Stripe is easy to get a live account going, you only need to send out a few documents to verify your business. Once you get going, you might run into issues depending on your chargeback and refund rates, or if you have a business that is explicitly banned by Stripe.

For Adyen, in order to even be considered for a live account, you have to fill in forms for 30-60 minutes. Questions include your expected volume, chargeback rate and refund rate. For a new business this is impossible to provide.

You have to link to your final website which they verify in detail, not just when it comes security but especially content. They try to make judgement calls based on how long you’ve been in business, what monetization model you have and your website copy. In other words, if you are into a high risk segment, you will just not get a merchant account.

This sounds bad but there are also some pros to Adyen. First, they communicate with you rather openly - it’s really about you showing you won’t have insane chargeback and refund rates because those affect Adyen’s partners too.

Next, they have a wide array of payment options, probably the best coverage globally, and fees are generally lower than Stripe.

In our opinion and experience, Stripe is great to start off quickly, Adyen is a viable solution when reaching scale and going global.

Snapchat fights back with CTA buttons added to branded lenses

Snapchat is launching a new Shoppable AR Lens that lets advertisers add a "Buy Now," "Watch" or "Install Now" button to branded lenses.

With 250 million shared AR Snaps daily this means there is huge potential for branded lenses since every branded Snapchat selfie can lead to a purchase, video view or app download.

5 Tips To Be A More Productive Affiliate

While you cannot control all the factors that play together to be or become a successful marketer there are some habits you should try to implement in your daily routine.

1. Read: Stay up to date with what's going on in the marketing world. But since you’re reading What The Aff…, you’ve already checked that box!

2. Touch Base: Talk to your employees/freelancers and other affiliates on a regular basis. That way you can make sure your team members are aligned on your goals and you stay up to date when talking to other affiliates.

If you need an ice breaker to start the conversation tell them how cool this newsletter is.

3. Prioritize: Think about which tasks contributes how much to your ROI and profits and go from there. Don’t postpone important tasks just because you don’t feel like doing them.

4. Delegate
: Don’t spend hours on designing banners or on translations. Outsource those tasks by using sites like UpWork or OneHourTranslation.

5. Focus
: Block all distractions for a few hours of the day to be able to work efficiently. Mute your phone, close messengers and turn off email notifications - after you’ve read our newsletter, of course!

Up Your Creatives Game

A slow day for Facebook news, after quite the marathon over the past 2 weeks. We’ll keep it short for any FB ads addicts that are reading this and just link you to something that can give you some new ideas for your ads.

And in case you didn’t know, Facebook creatives was a major topic at AWA2017, having its own panel you can watch on YouTube.

Facebook Creatives: Discussing the Future of Images & Video for CTR and Conversions

Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.
Biggest ICO exit-scam to date?!

Yesterday the website of the German startup Savedroid unexpectedly went offline and was replaced by the image below.

Yassin Hankir, founder and CEO, published a tweet showing him at the airport on the first picture and another picture on a beach holding a beer, and saying "Thanks guys! Over and out…"

Savedroid is estimated to have raised $50 million through its ICO and through external funding.

Thankfully for investors, less than 24 hours later this surfaced to be a PR stunt, and Yassin explains the whole thing in this video.

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