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Facebook Ads quarterly Q&A with Facebook employees - what's new? Paying attention to what ad set changes resets learnings for FB. Videos are still growing, and it's also biting into TV ad budgets. Heard of a little site called Reddit? How can you use it as a traffic source. Finally, combating the couch potato lifestyle some of us have.

Making these ad set changes? You are wasting money!

You’ve heard it over and over again - "Don’t change a working ad set". Why? Because Facebook’s algorithm has certain learnings it gathers with the data you’ve ran and certain changes reset it.

That means performance usually goes down and the money spent so far is somewhat wasted.

What are the changes that reset the whole ad set back to the learning process?

  • Budget changes
  • Bid changes
  • Creative changes
  • Targeting changes
  • Optimization goal

The way to go is to duplicate and make changes in there, while not touching the running ad set.
Facebook Ads tips directly from Facebook? Yes, please!

Facebook has a group dedicated to running live Q&A events every quarter, called FB Auction Live and anyone can join it.

There’s a new video, the first one after the whole privacy debacle. Here’s what they covered:

  • Performance Marketing Strategies
  • High vs. Low LTV audience segments
  • Budget Optimization
  • Conversion Optimization
  • App Engagement Optimization
  • Value Optimization

For example, following up on the topic before, increasing budget by more than 50% will reset the ad set to its learning phase, but lower than that is fine.

They also advise to not make quick decisions based on relevance score, and to use LTV based lookalike audiences, instead of just lumping everything together.

Check out the full video if you're running FB, we don't want you to miss any key info!
Digital video bites into TV advertising budgets

Nearly 60% of digital advertising budgets are allocated to video according to this IAB study.

Especially original digital video (ODV) programming is on the rise with expected growth by 68% from 2016 to end of 2018.

Some other interesting findings:

  • Half of buyers plan to spend more on social media video advertising in the next 12 months
  • 44% of advertisers report strong interest in buying interactive ads on connected TV
  • Nearly half (48%) of buyers plan to invest in voice artificial intelligence (AI) advertising in the next 12 months, with 44% are saying the same about virtual reality (VR)
Want to cheat on your essay? YouTube videos have you covered.

That’s what the company recently found. 1,400 videos from more than 250 channels had mid-video ads from EduBirdie, a Ukraine-based essay cheating service.

We are not talking about ads bought through YouTube’s platform, but ads inserted as a break in the video by the content creator.

While those affected are upset, it is clear that this type of advertising violates YouTube’s ad policies. YouTube gave some of the channels time to edit ads out of their videos, but not all of them made it before the cutoff point.

Now just don’t run off and create a network of channels on YouTube promoting your latest weight loss powder...

Have you Reddit?

It’s almost impossible that you have never heard of the website called Reddit, but it’s quite likely that you’ve never used it for marketing.

Don’t know what Reddit is?

It’s just a collection of countless subreddits - communities built around a certain topic or idea, like affiliate marketing, technology, food, all the way to creepy stuff like deadly accidents recorded live.

Whatever you can think of, chances are there’s a subreddit for it.

We can sense the marketer in you thinking "OK, great, any topic. So how do I put my ads there?"

Good question! You can do paid traffic through Reddit Ads. You can target by interests, locations and subreddits there.

But that’s not usually where the gold mine is. Hear us out! The average Reddit users is more educated than the average Internet user.

And they are there for the community aspect, with a big dislike for marketing or any sort of self-promotional posts.

The way to crush it is to become part of communities and share real expertise in your domain. That means not all affiliates can drive traffic from there but here are some verticals:

  1. Any niche for e-commerce - you will almost certainly find a few communities that fit your niche.
  2. Fitness - a very popular topic, there will be several communities around this. Contribute and benefit if you are selling anything fitness related.
  3. Anything adult oriented - Reddit is not Facebook, there are plenty of communities for adults only. Have your pick!
  4. Gaming - Popular Twitch streamers have a subreddit. So do games. If you have gaming related products, learn to speak "gamer" and interact in these communities.

Those are just some ideas… That said, what wouldn’t work that great is talking marketing on Reddit. More specifically, if you have a marketing course or are looking for affiliates, Reddit is not the place to go.

Sounds like an effort - why is it worth it? Because it’s high volume, super-targeted traffic. Reddit comes in 6th in Alexa rankings for top websites in the world.

It beats big names like Yahoo, Twitter, Amazon and Bing.

Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.
From couch potato to superhero body!

Or to a less potato-ey one...

You know that flog you wrote about how to lose 50 lbs in 1 month with one secret hack? Well, surprise - It doesn’t work like that in reality!

Affiliates are notorious for sitting around on their computers and not moving much. That’s not healthy and generally ends up with making them overweight.

We thought we’d share with you what is likely the most comprehensive weight loss article on the web.

This article not only talks about physiological but also psychological aspects of losing weight.


Step one on your way to lose weight is to confess that it is (mostly) your own fault that you’re not happy with your body.

Step two is two eat less calories than you burn. That’s it.

Eat less than you burn!

Implement a consistent meal frequency. If this is twice a day or five times a day isn’t that important (as long as you eat less than you burn).

Increase Fibre intake. Foods like vegetables and whole-grains help stretch out the stomach and signal to the brain that you’re full without taking in many calories.

Don’t be extremely restrictive. Restrict foods that can cause cravings to overeat, but don’t be too restrictive with everything you think is bad/unhealthy food.

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