It's been a while since we've seen such a big case study - 7 figures in 30 days is not too shabby at all. We've also brought you some tips for reviving your Instagram accounts and crushing it in sweepstakes.
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Wow, this is different. Zuckerberg didn't apologize for anything today, and Facebook didn't change their terms. Instead, we talk about a big case study with Facebook Ads, that generated over $4 mil in sales. You can also check which advertisers put you in their custom audiences, and how. Finally, where is the last place you would expect to get an ad? Answer is in the last story of today.

Find out which advertisers are stalking you on Facebook

In our industry, we probably know very well what audiences we are targeting with our campaigns.

Gender, age, location, interests, even some info about past purchases - we gather that in our custom audiences.

Here’s something that came up recently.. Do you know which advertisers have you in their custom audience?

How did you get there? Did you interact with their ad? Or did they upload a contact list to Facebook?

If you didn’t know already, you can now find out.

If you’re on your phone, you have to go to Settings & Privacy -> Privacy Shortcuts. Then on the card that says Your Facebook Information you should go to Access your information.

Then scroll down to Ads -> Advertisers you’ve interacted with.

It seems not everyone has this on their app yet for some reason.

You can also see this info when browsing on your computer. You have to go to Settings then on the bottom left, go to Ads -> Advertisers you’ve interacted with.

How to revive your Instagram accounts

Did you ever notice a significant drop of engagement on an Instagram account?

A reason for that might be that your account got ghost banned (your posts don’t get shown in the feed for a hashtag) or shadowbanned (only your followers can see your posts for a hashtag).

In both cases your reach got significantly reduced.

Michael Sanchez made a great post what to do about this problem in the Facebook Ads Experts Academy.

He not only gives you a step by step guide what you can do to get your account back to normal, he also gives tips what to look out for when you are creating multiple accounts yourself.

Things like using a real sim, using a real mobile phone, and having unique content on the profiles are just some of the things he suggests. Check out his post!

Mega Case Study: $ 1mil in ad spend for $4 mil in sales, in 30 days, selling puppy socks.

The team at Common Thread Collective was asked by PupSocks, a brand selling pet-themed socks that was spending only about $500/day on Facebook to scale to millions over the holiday season. And that’s what they did.

  • 80,000 pairs of socks sold in 45 days
  • 4x return on the first $1 mil in ad spend
  • 3.8x return on the total $1.5 mil budget
  • Scaling created more than 100 jobs

This case study is not a short one. It goes into details, from building the foundation with setting up multiple ad accounts, to finding the right creatives to scaling with more audiences.

Whether or not you want to do as much volume, this is a very good Facebook Ads case study, not just for e-commerce - it shows what challenges everyone has (including ad accounts - it’s not just naughty affiliates).

It’s one of those where you sit down, focus up and take notes. Not a light ready, at all!

Selling on Amazon? Check out these Amazon Marketing Services tips!

OK, we know this pales in comparison to the previous case study… But Amazon is not getting smaller, on the contrary.

If you’re running an Amazon store, you probably know that organic reach is decreasing - just like Google organic reach decreased back in the day.

One way to adapt is by running ads. Why?

Because 40% of Amazon shoppers never scroll past the first page.

Brands are increasingly turning to Amazon Marketing Services like Headline Search Ads and Sponsored Products.

Amazon Marketing Service is like the Google Adwords for Amazon. In combination with a great customer experience and optimized content for high-performing keywords it’s the fastest way to get a product discovered.

If you’re selling products on Amazon, or want to understand better if there’s any opportunity to list your existing product there and run ads, check out this full article.

What a sweeps affiliate learned from building his own leadgen company

Alexander Willemsen used to be an affiliate running sweepstakes offers, that one day decided it could be a good idea to cut out the advertiser and create his own offers.

That’s what you hear him talking about in his AW Asia 2016 speech - his transition from an affiliate to founding his own sweepstakes company, with over 40 employees, including a PhD Cosmic Ray Data Analyst.

What stands out is his love for data and how making assumptions can hurt your results.

A few assumptions a lot of affiliates make that got proven wrong in his campaigns

Pop traffic is bad quality
No, 75%+ of his leads from poptraffic are 26+ years old.

Always convert the user asap and keep questions short
Wrong. If people like the product they sign up for the length of a survey almost doesn’t matter. Don’t limit yourself, test longer prelanders and longer offer pages.

Conversion rate peak is after dinner
Nope, lunchtime clearly outperforms dinnertime in his data.

Female leads are higher quality than male leads.
No, Alex is able to monetize male leads clearly better than female leads.

If you are running sweeps, or want to, this speech can be a great ROI booster by making you understand what really matters for the sweepstakes business model.

Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.
“Doctor, wait! You can’t start the surgery yet, I’ve just won an iPhone”

If you were thinking the advertisers stalking you on Facebook was creepy, you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.

Turns out that if you are in Philadelphia and go into an ER, there’s a high chance personal injury law firms will send you an ad for them.

Marketing companies use geofencing, the same tech used by retailers for offering coupons when you shop close to their stores.

Oh, and It’s not just Philadelphia for long - law firms and marketing companies from Tennessee to California are also testing this.

Why is this possible? You’d think healthcare is a sensitive topic, and data is not openly shared. You are right, but...

"[The federal health privacy law, HPAA] applies to hospitals and clinics and doctors and insurance companies, not to the lawyers and the marketers working on their behalf

See affiliates, lawyers know best! Go tell them you can execute on these sort of campaigns!


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