Shots fired by Apple at Facebook during the WWDC this year. And the Court of Justice of the European Union doesn't have good news for them either.
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It's tough to be Facebook these days - it feels like everyone is after you. At least you can console yourself with all the success you still have, despite the bad press. Updates for FB fan page owners - you are liable for the data collected. Two tips on dealing with limited reach on your FB ads, and ways to improve the looks and grammar of your ads. And a Bitcoin rap, by Tim Draper.

Apple tells Facebook to F off.

There is more bad news for the blue giant.

At the WWDC conference - where Apple outlines its software plans for the months ahead - Craig Federighi, Apple’s software chief, said that Facebook keeps watch over people in ways they might not be aware of and that “we’re shutting that down.”

You might know Federighi as “the chicken guy”.

He’s no chicken when taking on Facebook, that’s for sure!

Federighi fired on stage: “It turns out these like and share buttons can be used to track you, whether you click on them or not…. Now you can decide to keep your information private.”

Safari users are gonna love pop-ups that say things like “Do you want to allow to use cookies and available data while browsing?"

Will this mean sites use less or no tracking to avoid annoying Apple users who visit? And how will this affect Facebook campaigns targeted at these users?

We have to see these features in action in the coming months but the gloves are off in the Apple vs Facebook showdown.

Do you own any FB pages? You are responsible for the data collected by them!

An interesting ruling by Europe’s top court (Court of Justice of the European Union) could have some major implications for anyone who administers Facebook fan pages or even potentially a site running Google Analytics.

The CJEU has ruled that the administrator of a fan page on Facebook is jointly responsible with Facebook for the processing of the data of visitors to the page.

The court writes: “Fan pages hosted on Facebook can also be visited by persons who are not Facebook users and so do not have a user account on that social network. In that case, the fan page administrator is responsible for the processing of the personal data of those persons”

Of course, Facebook doesn’t like the ruling and reassures they will work with partners to understand the implications and make sure nothing bad happens.

It will also work with regulators to provide guidance and limit potential impact so that page owners don’t get into serious trouble for using Facebook fan pages.

The original case dates back to 2011.

A German education and training company with a fan page on Facebook was ordered by a local data protection authority to deactivate the page because neither it nor Facebook had informed users their personal data was being collected.

So the only good news for you is even if you end up in trouble it might take 7 years for the court to make any ruling.

You don’t have to be Snapchat for Facebook to steal your features

Everyone knows the Stories that all Facebook apps use comes from Snapchat.

Zuck wanted to buy the whole thing, Spiegel said no, then Zuck built his own.

Well, that story is not unique and a new chapter opens up today. Musically is an app that is popular with teens to create and share videos with… you guessed it, music.

With Facebook, you had the issue that even background music sometimes got your video taken down for copyrights infringement.

That should end now. Facebook has made deals with music companies so that will stop happening - plus it brings a new feature called Lip Sync Live.

It’s exactly what it sounds like. If you do live video, you will have a lip sync option which will play the song you want to lip sync to.

Not a huge deal yet for paid traffic. It’s great for influencers and has potential to improve video advertising too if you can use any music without worrying about copyrights in the near future.

Facebook Groups Round-Up

Big audience, yet not reaching it. What’s the problem?

Marvin Flenche had a pretty common issue, that he brought up in the Purple Knowledge Lab Group.

He has an audience of 35 million but Facebook keeps delivering his ads to only 0.6% of that (260k) with a frequency of over 2.5.

He asked the group how could he expand and make the FB algorithm get his ads in front of the other millions of people in the target audience.

There’s a lively discussion going on which you can join in on.

The main suggestion is to use more ad types, especially video, even if it’s just a simple slideshow.

Check and improve your Customer Feedback Score

If you are kind of new to this, we wanna let you know that one of the things Facebook’s algorithm takes into account for your ads is the feedback you get on your pages.

That’s right - if you provide a bad experience and get bad feedback, Facebook will severely limit your reach.

Luckily, Paul Jy has a few suggestions that he posted in the E-Commerce All Star Secrets group.

Check your feedback score here (might not work in all geos or on all your accounts).

If it’s below 2.1, your ads will suffer.

Read Paul’s post for solutions.

Write pretty and grammatically correct ads
We’ve heard it too - sometimes having spelling errors helps ads.

But not always.

We’re also sure there are plenty of errors that slip through in these newsletters, pretty hard to avoid it.

There’s a tool we’ve found that can help you improve, not just on Facebook but anywhere you use Chrome.

Grammarly is the name - it’s a Chrome extension that you can use to check your text for mistakes before you click that Send or Post button.

“OK, but what do you mean by writing pretty ads”

Well, on Facebook you cannot change the default font... At least not directly.

Fortunately, there’s YayText. It’s an easy to use tool that can style your text in several ways.

Write your text there, get it transformed into dozens of styles then choose which you want to use.

Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.
“Hey Tim, have you heard of the Dunning-Kruger effect?”

It’s only yesterday that we gave an intro to this and don’t you know it…

Today we found popular Bitcoin advocate, Tim Draper, show it in action.

He attended the TNW Conference and decided that a good way to share his enthusiasm with the audience was to sing or rap… or something.

OK, Tim is probably under no impression that he can sing but props to him for the idea.

It’s probably gonna get quite some attention, even from crypto outsiders.

“Look at that guy, the hell is he thinking, lol? Oh, he’s actually rich… Oh, what he is saying might make sense”

And if you want to see the less goofy side of Draper, here’s the full interview with him on stage, at TNW Conference 2018.

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